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Security Ops Coordinator / Ananlyst

Andy K

Full Registered User
Jan 10, 2008
Capstar Services UK

Security Ops Coordinator / Analyst

Following the growth and development of Capstar over the last few months and in recognition of our new service offerings Capstar Services UK are recruiting for Operations coordinator / analysts within our Security and Risk Management service line.

Applicants must have previous experience of working within an Operations room environment, the ability to follow strict operating procedures set out by the company and be competent in writing intelligence reports for our employees and clients.

Working 12hr day shifts on a 4 on 4 off routine

Salary: Negotiable on experience

Capstar are in the process of building an exceptional ten of highly professional operators. For those interested in joining our team, we welcome your CV and request that you attach a cover letter highlighting your suitability and send both to ak@capstar.co

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