Seeking CP Work Worldwide


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Hi folks, as the title suggests, I'm looking for contract work over sea's or UK mainland if accommodation is provided (NI based). Briefly I am ex Mil, ex Police and have 11 yrs completed in Iraq on various contracts, both Gov and commercial. Apparently as I've just turned 46, I'm not making it through the paper sift for many of the usual suspects. Have tried seeking work at home, aviation security etc, but have been told I'm over qualified, wouldn't be happy in a lower paid job and my cv is intimidating...WTF?!! I'm qualified and current in the usual depts. (SIA, FPOSi, Security Management Diploma etc) My Iraq MEV has expired :-( and as many people find, colleagues/friends can't/won't help. So if anyone can give an old guy a pointer, I'll do the rest.

Best regards all