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Seeking the help of a security protection service provider by approaching them

Jun 8, 2020
I own a factory. A robbery took place in my factory recently. When I went there the next morning after this incident, I found that some of the expensive equipment was stolen. This equipment was needed for our day to day activities in the factory. So It put us into a lot of trouble, and we were not able to run it smoothly. I also talked about this incident with my friends and relatives. After two months, one of my friends helped me with purchasing a new set of equipment. I was very thankful to him for his kindness he showed to me in this situation. I also started looking for ways to safeguard the premises. Finally, I came across a security protection service provider nearby and contacted them. When I told them about my requirement, they were so willing to help us. They appointed security guards in the factory premises and put them on duty round the clock. I was delighted with the services rendered by them, and I feel very relaxed with peace of mind now. Is there anyone who has faced incidents like this on your premises? Do tell us your experiences too.


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Jan 2, 2009
Isn't it time a Mod banned you, or maybe this forum is just sooo quiet they like story time so at least there's some new content, even if it is a total fabrication, like your other posts
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