Selex To Provide Perimeter Security For Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Perimeter security specialists Selex ES, part of Italian group Finmeccanica, have been chosen to provide a wide range of perimeter security services for the Commonwealth Games, which are due to be held in the city of Glasgow next year. The company will provide security for around 20 locations, including the athletes’ village, and the design element of the contract will start immediately. Selex join the likes of G4S, who made critical errors in the provision of services to London 2012, to have been named as security partners for the event.

Selex ES is well known in the event security industry, having provided high quality solutions for events of all kinds, all around the world. They also provide a wide range of other types of security service and product. They have partnerships with BAE, and well over 100 suppliers and security professionals in Scotland. In August, they provided the United Nations with an unmanned drone, which would be sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to monitor the movements of armed groups in the region.

The Commonwealth Games is a major sporting event that takes place every four years, and incorporates athletes from all of the Commonwealth of Nations. In September 2004, Glasgow was announced as Scotland’s bid city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, having beaten off competition from Edinburgh and other major Scottish cities. In November 2007, it was announced that the Scottish bid had been successful and that the 2014 Commonwealth Games would take place in the city of Glasgow.

Although many of the stadia and locations for events were already in place, more than £2bn will have been spent improving venues and ensuring that everything is ready in time for the beginning of the games. The 2014 Commonwealth Games will run for a period of 11 days. The opening ceremony will take place on the 23rd July, with the closing ceremony ending on the 3rd August. It is expected that more than 1 million tickets will be sold for the event, and it has been reported that Glasgow 2014 has a security budget of more than £90m. It will bring considerable employment opportunities into the whole country.

In November, a list of 19 security partners was released and there was some surprise that the list included the name G4S. The company themselves described their performance at the 2012 Olympics as a “humiliating shamblesâ€. Other members of the BSIA that won the opportunity to sign up for a framework agreement included Allander Group, Securigroup Services, and Showsec. G4S hopes to have learned from the mistakes it made during London 2012.

Selex ES will provide a range of services to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. They will provide fencing, CCTV, security lighting, and security management systems. They will provide these for more than 20 venues including the athletes’ village, which is considered to be one of the hardest areas to marshal because of the constant flow of foot traffic in and out of the area.
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I would like someone to answer me this question if they can please..? Personally I couldn't give a Rats Shite who gets what but there is an important political element to my question which goes to the heart of the Scottish Government and their credibility...

Is Selex an Approved SIA Contractor..?

I can find it nowhere on their website...

Many thanks

Well... I have searched the SIA database and can also find no sign of this company as an Approved Contractor... CD
they are EU.
so the rules don't apply.

we in this country are the only muppets that apply the rules,
and then only to ourselves, well at least the native law abiding part of the population. anyway.
we don't count and THEY don't care.
Fair point OJ... It's just that our illustrious Justice Minister... McKaskill? stood in front of the cameras in 2007 and stated categorically that the Scottish Government would not engage with ANY security company which did not hold an approved contractors status...

I suspect they are going to say "Naething to do with us Jimmy"...

If they are not providing people then they wouldn't be ACS as they wouldn't provide any licensed operators. It sounds like they are only providing technical systems, not people.
at the end of the day.fcuk the politicians with their kind words and coronets.
when it comes to security, seek the best, the very best and to hell with where it comes from.
my safety and the publics safety are all that matters.
the question is are they the best, is this the best choice. do they have enough interest to lose, to make a difference.
Local operators carry a local responsibility is one way of looking at it. But it's not the be all and end all.
"when it comes to security, seek the best, the very best and to hell with where it comes from"

When does this EVER happen when it comes to large scale events?

It's always the big guys, who sub in the little guy, who does his best despite being run roughshod over by middle managers with little or no experience and zero people skills!

How about if the tables were turned, and the little guy got the gig, and subbed in the big guy????
The little guy should be getting the gig.
the have the skills, they have the dedication and the real integrity.
But the people who hire in lack the in depth knowledge usually.
so those with the biggest sales and marketing teams usually win the day.
Those damn grey skills again, that a small team rarely have.
and sadly neglect through ignorance or monetary constraints.