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Sep 27, 2007

All service leavers are eligible for resettlement advice from their own Service. The CTP provides extra support to those who on leaving have served a required qualifying period.

When weighing up the success of a resettlement, the most important factor for the majority of Service Leavers is whether a suitable job is secured. The MoD have sponsored several surveys in recent years (resulting in thousands of replies) to find out how ex-Forces personnel fare when looking for civilian work. The findings show that the overwhelming majority of ex-Service people are in satisfactory employment within a few months of leaving, or are pursuing some other chosen activity, such as higher education. However, there is no room for complacency. A successful resettlement requires a clear aim, a thorough personal evaluation, good job intelligence, effective networking and a well thought out approach to employers. Therefore it is definitely within your interests to take full advantage of the resources and facilities that are at your disposal.
Use the menu on the left to find out more about what is available to you.

Individual Career Advice

A personal consultant is allocated to you from the start and is accessible throughout your resettlement. They will work with you to develop a 'Personal Resettlement Plan', mapping out a timetable of activities designed to help you find a job or pursue another chosen path. Your spouse may also attend consulting sessions with you.
During a session you can be provisionally booked onto any CTP event, and your consultant can also help arrange training or work attachments outside of the CTP.
Access to consultants is not restricted and follow-up sessions are a feature of the service. You are eligible for 3 travel claims for this purpose at the discretion of your Service Resettlement Advisor (SRA), if difficulties have been encountered earlier when trying to see a consultant, e.g. because you have been posted to a remote location. These travel claims are in addition to those available for other resettlement activities under Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT).


The Career Transition Partnership provides a number of core workshops to start your transition to civilian life, and you can choose whichever best suits your aims. They are all completely free of charge to registered Service Leavers.
Career Transition Worshop
The Career Transition Workshop (CTW) is usually the first CTP event that Full Service registrants attend. The CTW lasts 3 days and during the workshop, an "employer-friendly" CV is produced, self-marketing skills are considered and interview techniques are practised.

Options for the Future

If you are not sure what you want to do, an Options for the Future Workshop (OFW) is designed to stimulate your thinking and generate ideas for a second career. It is an alternative to the CTW and is best suited to people who have served for a long time and want to consider all their options.

Business Start Up

If you are thinking of becoming self-employed or starting your own business, the two-day Business Start Up workshop will enable you to look at the pros and cons of being self-employed, and all the issues you will need to consider if you go ahead.

New Horizons in Retirement

The New Horizons in Retirement workshop lasts one day and views retirement as an active stage in career development. It equips participants to plan retirement and make informed choices. Service Leavers (and partners if wished) of any rank who do not intend to engage in full time employment following discharge, but wish to remain active and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by full or semi-retirement, would benefit from attending.

Follow On Workshops

Interview Techniques

This one day workshop builds on the interview techniques learned during the CTW. It has a more practical element with role play to increase confidence and hone techniques.

Management Consultancy

Aimed at anyone considering management or technical consultancy as a career option on leaving, this one-day workshop examines the requirements of successful consultancy, either in an employed or self-employed capacity.
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Aug 4, 2009
Cheers for the advice

Thanks for the advice mate. If it wasnt for people like you having the thought to post messages on this website i think a lot more people including me, would stumble out of the Armed Forces not knowing which way to turn. Posts like yours really help, thanks again.
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