Sgt Al Blackman- Marine' A'


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Thanks Greenboy, was about to give up on this forum until i saw your 'like'

Unfortunately it looks like Al cant expect too much support from anyone on here, a couple of years ago a post regarding a subject such as this would have raised much interest, seems this forum has lost its way somewhat.

Been fighting it for years, but looks like I need to open a facebook account :(


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Having read the article, prior to seeing your thread what I find hard to believe is the fact the guys who turned up in uniform shall face fines and possibly extra duties.
The MOD what to have a long hard look at themselves!

It is Disgraceful to penalise the marines who have shown support.




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Yes, had they not announced that prior i have no doubt the numbers would have been much higher. What was also noticeable to me was the lack or former officers there. Always reminds me of remembrance where people fought and died on the same battlefield, then parade together in remembrance, but after its all done go back to their own respective messes, the one day when IMHO everyone should be together.


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Couldn't make it, but great effort by all who attended, saw a few photos online and there were a lot of branches represented, noticeably Para Reg were in good numbers.

ROBERT HARDMAN watches peaceful protest in support of Alexander Blackman | Daily Mail Online
Sadly no mention of it over here that I could see.
My older brother was the youngest peace time Sergeant in the RM and spent most of his time in the SBS. Died a few years ago, I would have been there in his place, had we been on that side of the pond. Did the Mail need to mention "Tearful?" HELL I was tearful bloody reading it.


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From Justice for Marine 'A' Facebook Page

'We would like to invite you all to join us and the family in what is going to be a momentous occasion for the campaign to see Justice for Al.

I'm pleased to announce that the legal team have been working tirelessly and are now in a position to hand the papers into the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) on the 16th of December at Millennium Point in Birmingham. The CCRC will then review all of the information put forward including the new information highlighted by the Daily Mail in their fantastic campaign.

On the 28th of October we saw approximately 1852 people turn up to show their support for Al at Parliament Square in what has become internationally known as the "Sea of Green".

We would like to see all ranks from all services standing together as one in a phenomenal show of solidarity. Throughout this campaign the public support has been unbelievable and for that reason we would very much like to see all of you attend and join in our static parade.

What will happen?

1230hrs - Arrive and form up as a parade (by the instruction of the Drill Leaders)
1300hrs - The parade will be addressed by a former senior officer
1330hrs - An amazing band of approximately 30 strong will be playing a number of Christmas Carols
1355hrs - An announcement will be made to signify Claire and the Family making their way to the CCRC to hand in the papers.
1400hrs - The parade will be dismissed.
1430hrs onwards we have booked a venue for thos ethat want to enjoy a beer or two together.

This is an extremely positive step for the campaign and we would like for this to be a joyous occasion for all.

more details will follow in the coming weeks as well as detailed information about elements of the case so please keep checking and sharing. As to give us an idea on number please ensure you click going at the top.

Thank you all for your amazing continued support.

"Marine A Fought for us, Now its time we fight for him"