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I witnessed so many security signing in then walking off and changing their clothes then walking out but still getting paid

That made me chuckle because I've watched that happen, I've even seen supervisors from them exchanging shirts with 'volunteers' so they could get away to watch the concert.. I've watched people signing in and then just leaving...

The good intentions are there, just a pity that no one impliments it in practise.

I wouldn't trust showsec to guard my goldfish.

Any Showsec OP feel free to contact me.


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I would say work for showsec in a sense.

I worked wireless festival for them in 2013 and they make you sign in but don't make you sign out (more on this in a bit) . They stick you in a colour coded holding pen like farm animals until a supervisor (they get hotel accomodation, you don't) or an ops manager comes along and says i'll take 5 of you.
You are then taken to your position and forgoten about for the rest of the day.
I witnessed so many security signing in then walking off and changing their clothes then walking out but still getting paid.
Showsec have not got a clue.
So if you want to not work and still get paid this is definitely the company for you.
Oh that explains why me and one other got left on a position at the end of the night with no-one having any idea that we were there. I was surprised that they hadn't realised that we hadn't signed out and were therefore there somewhere. If they don't expect people that signed in to actually be on the position they're supposed to be that would explain a lot.


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Ha ha, this thread takes me back to a time when I worked for Showsec, everything mentioned has happened over the time I was with them, they have a good structure but the way they run it is diabolical, they take on everyone that applies to them so they always have way too many staff which is why the office staff treat the casuals like s**t cos they know if they bin someone over the phone it wont affect operations, because there is too many staff there is never enough shifts to go round, they would be much better off taking on less people and concentrating on getting quality staff then there would be a lot less issues.

They expect you to exclusively work for them even though there is no guarantee of work especially outside festival season, they ring up with 2 hours notice expecting you to be sitting at home in full uniform ready to rush to the other side of town right away and get the hump when you tell them you cant do it, they book you for shifts telling you its sia and then you get there and find its a steward shift, they get the hump when you ask them the rates for the shift and constantly cancel and change or shorten shifts at even shorter notice.

At the festivals they just pick out a number of people from the pens for the task but do not take size/experience/skills in to account so you end up with some brick outhouse with years door experience looking after a gate that no is going to use at the other end of the arena and 2 size 8 females in xxl jackets trying to deal with a baying mob in the front of an arena or around the toilet block, laughable.

They have loads of supervisors and some are good, they can be given 10 people to look after an area of 25 square feet and still f**k it up, people just wander off at festivals and they are never seen again, some of the supervisors disappear too and leaving people out on desolate posting on their own and forgetting about them is commonplace, instead of getting the packed lunches delivered in the morning they are delivered about an hour after everyone is deployed so when it comes to breaktime (30 minutes) you have to walk all the way to logistics from the arena and back to get your lunch, 30 minutes gone, 2 minute to eat.

Everytime I left a major festival or event I thought to myself we got away with it again, I used to look around at the people working with me and think if something major happens we are f**ked...

Payroll and the staff portal work well but the rest of it needs a complete overhaul...


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I took my wife to see her favorite performer, Cliff Richard at Euston Hall on June 25th. One of the security managers (purple shirt) gave me a hard time about taking pictures during his sound check and I told him "That's ridiculous" and walked away. He then singled me out because I was taking my camera into the show and I spoke to the head security manager. He told me that cameras with interchangeable lenses were not allowed in, yet several people had already gone through the gate with similar cameras. Harassment. Didn't really matter though as I got someone else to pass me my camera through the fence near the toilets, even though the purple shirt guy was trying to shadow me. What a low life in a minimum wage in a going nowhere job s c u m b a g. I could have had a g u n or a b o m b passed to me and they'd have known nothing about it. P i s s poor security! I got all the pictures I wanted you moron!


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In all honesty they're not the worst, good intentions only get so far though. As a company they try to do their best but as it got bigger they can't vet everyone, can't even vet the vetters. I've worked with them and to be quite honest I've found the managers and supervisors above par for what they do but the ground staff leave a lot to be desired. I've seen wristbands being sold by employees.

I wouldn't slag them off, they are one of the foremost event companys out there. If I started a festival I'd employ them but moan and hope for a discount.
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If you start a festival I'll run the security for you!!!

Show Sec are poor, they are too big to control the jacket fillers.

Show&Event however are very good, I've worked alongside them on a few gigs and the managers and supervisors are top guys the staff are micromanaged very well.




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i owe you a beer, or you owe me one, either way it ends up us both in a strip bar mate.

Anyhow I digress,

PM me, I'm doing a lot in Ireland at the moment.

Doing all PSA.




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I would't go as far as claiming that Show and Event are "very good" compared to Showsec, especially when they use a lot of the same people. Ive personally worked for two different small D/S companies which supplied staff to both companies. I could work for Showsec one weekend and Show and Event the next through either of those companies.

On a personal level I actually liked Showsec more, but thats only because they had a mess tent that had a variety of meals. I remember doing a five day event with Show and Event and I got burger and chips twice a day....was craving salad by the end.


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I only say it how I see it, and the times I have worked along side show and event they have been very good.
The managers and supervisors I have had dealings with worked professionally and more importantly they worked smart, preventing issues rather than dealing with them.