Sia - barking louder?


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Being a new kid on the block - preparing to be Level 2 qualified Dog Handler - and as I'm a former PR with a nose for stories, I found the House of Commons Hansard Answers quite interesting. Click on this following link and scroll down to Security Guards: House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 05 Jun 2008 (pt 0018)

Of course no doubt someone here will advise the latest situation but it seems from all the angry postings I've read it's been pretty bad for you all. Do we bark louder? What was the upshot of the petition?


Also posted this in 'Ask an Expert' section.
Sia - latest timings

Spoke to the SIA this morning and here is text quoted from website which some or all of you may have seen:

We aim to process 80% of all our licence applications within 40 working days. For applications from EEA nationals our target is to process 80% of licence applications within 33 working days.
This time starts from the day your application is entered onto our system and ends on the day we make our decision. The clock is stopped if your application fails validation - that is, if we have to send it back to you because you have not filled it in correctly or you have not provided the required supporting documentation. The clock is reset when you send your application back to us.
Complex applications (for example, applications subject to additional criminality or qualification enquiries and those requiring overseas criminality checks) may take longer than 40 working days.

I will put it to the test!




I think clearly we should bark louder. There are some great brains on this web site who have posted comments about how to make this situation with the SIA license run smoother.

As i stated in one of my posts (i'm certainly not one of the best brains on here) i think we should have like a one stop shop if you will where you take your documents and application. they can check the application and the documents this way you can see who the legals are and the illegals are. Obviously it won't be 100% wiped out but it will be a long way heading towards a better system.

For example you go to the post office with your passport application they verify your documents on the spot. For example my passport is with the SIA even if I got a job offer I would have to pass it up as my passport is with them.

There has to be an easier way. But again they are millions over budget. Another cash cow funded by the working class.

Tapmaster I'm in a similar position to you in that they have my docs and have for weeks now. Have you thought about a second passport?

I'm looking into that at the moment, I need to know a few things tho.

1. If you apply for a second passport does that automatically void your existing one?
2. If it does are the SIA going to pick up on that and will it affect your application?
3. Is it possible to legitimately own 2 current valid passports?

Am digging into this now but if anyone else on here can shed any light much appreciated.
I don't think you are allowed to have two UK passports. There are enough dodgy counterfeits around anyway without duplication (mostly engineered from lost or stolen ones).
In aviation I actually see people dropping passports in terminal buildings quite often - if people can't look after one passport how will they do with two?
No I don't think the SIA should be allowed to hold passports for more than 24hrs, so I will seek legal advice about Data Protection of mine and mention to the SIA the opportunities at the SIA offices for passport counterfeiting! ( I suspect they would then return them all immediately)

great post mate. When i originally sent my DOCS off I also sent a paid courier envelope to have my documents returned. Funny enough! They didn't even use the bloody thing. I got my docs sent back and found them outside in the mailbox with the courier packet inside their envelope.

I sent the documents back to them just over a week ago. My online status has not changed in terms of the application process. I agree with you about the Data Protection points that you mentioned.