Smallest Tracker on the market, used by Police


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Hi Guys

Take a look at under asset tracking

I've just bought one of these trackers and its so good i thought i would tell you all....

Its absolutely tiny (about the size of a box of matches), It comes enclosed in a little black unit..... It has a long life battery too over 7 days....

It works on GPS, GPRS, and RF so it covers all variables.... and obviously its live time...

And to top it all off its cheaper than the crap you buy in the civi spy shops..... This unit is currently being used by 35 Police forces around the UK.....

Anyway if you want one contact CMI who i have found to be very reliable and helpfull...
You can track it on the computer down to about 5 metres, and then u can use the RF with an RF wand... Best to contact CMI the people selling the product....
Hi Guys

Yes this tracker can be connected directly to a car battery, it also has a back up battery fitted incase for any reason the battery gets disconnected.... This tracker is being used by most of the UK Police forces so its reputation speaks for its self...

You can buy one from you have to call them and place an order as its a specialized item.....

They retail at about £800, and believe me its worth every penny....
Is this device designed purely for asset tracking,
If its used for a vehicle fit why is an internal battery needed, surely we are talking about a compromise issue, if a battery cable "gets disconected"
Does it have the capability for an external battery pack.
Sorry mate, but you're not selling these are you?
Even if the police use this piece of kit I don't think that the suppliers would be allowed to shout about it!
Do they really and even if they do that doesn't mean its any good, I should know having just spent 25yrs in that world!
Actually they are allowed to talk about if the police are using it. This is actually a very good high end product.

Giles - Yes they do REALLY use this product. As do a number of commercial and private security suppliers. If you have just spent 25 years in the industry ? Then some background information might be an idea before you post silly comments.

The reason the unit has a charging circuit is to allow it to operate with a number of power sources. It also supports a wide range of voltage which means you can have it on a battery pack covertly hidden away or on constant power if used in a more perm deployment.

Hope that helps,

Mr Burns
I use a similar piece of kit in South America. It will work anywhere in the world. Costs me around $350 USD per unit. It is about the size of a matchbox and is what you would call a person tracker. The kit is American. I use it for the flexibility to take it anywhere in the world for a quick set up to track the car/team & client - plug it in the car, stick it in their pocket, when task over, stick it in your bag and return home.
It is hand-held, therefore the battery requires recharging now and then - hence the ability to connect it to the battery of the car (via a suitable fuse), and then can be used for vehicle tracking. Battery life depends on how many signals it sends out for monitoring purposes. It is really a tiny cellphone with GPS.
You can track it via Windows mapping on the internet or via Google Earth in real time from your PC or smartphone. If you have several teams in different cities - no problem, you just open up a split window on your PC to track them all. Each one can be coded differently or you can give them names. Ideal for central control to monitor teams in deploy. It also has a panic button that will alert whoever is monitoring the device by sending a pre-recorded telephone message to up to 6 pre-loaded tel numbers and also by a flashing light and buzzer on the PC.
The system utilises a cellphone SIM card to facilitate GPRS, GSM as well as GPS. Signals are sent via it's internal telemetry. Therefore you can purchase a pre-pay SIM anywhere in the world to use locally and cheaply remembering that you have to re-credit the SIM now and then. Pro's would say that a post pay SIM works better than pre - something to do with the fact you get a better service/signal with post.
The device sends a quick message (like SMS), and the number of signals it sends per hour will dictate how long the battery will last. For example, one msg each 20-30secs gives a 6 hr life to the unit (apprx), for a longer life, you lessen the number of signals it sends, or utilise a larger battery for twice the life.
The firm I get it from also provides units for tracking laptops etc, cargo, boats, planes and animals.
Anyone want more info send me a PM.

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£800 pounds is outrageous for a tracking device, and this undoubtedly is before you include service for the gsm locations and the data (gprs i would hope). This device is from satare and is not the worst unit I have used. However size is its main feature.

This unit is a good size when you get the boards to sit stacked with some tape, but there is no way the size warrants the large price tag.

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Hi Chap,

Yeah i like that, interesting to see the pic after you were telling me about it on the phone, Did you by any chance mean 4500 rather than 45k ? ;) If you did I can guess which company you got quoted that from. Bloody scary price.

To be honest in more situations for personal tracking the RF is not needed for a standard person tracker. Mainly because if they are that switched on the principal will be out of his current clothing very quickly to combat any embedded devices.

Just in the process of getting a Flexible pcb board based product sorted. Expensive but awesome for putting in clothing. The whole device is spread over a flexible holder. Really nice. If they can get it down to a decent price its something i would consider!

Mr Burns
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fixed that price hit the zero too many times
flexible board would be brilliant i also seen new flexible bateries that have been designed in germany ill look for the link it put surveillance into a whole new game
I also found one o ***************** It's also the GPS tracker. It's free to locate the vehicle and the price is affordable.
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Hi Guys

Check out our website **************

Our kit has only been available to the public for 2 months before that it was for the Police and Military only...

This is the worlds most powerful tracker with Gps, Gsm, Gprs, Sms, RF

Retails at £499 and has Audio on it too, so you can use it as an audio bug.

Really ? I think your find cmi have been selling it for over a year, infact they have talked about this and been linked on this website.

Mr B
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