Soldiers off the street

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The CPW management are considering working with the Soldiers of the street (SOTS) charity.

Has anyone had any personal dealings with this organisation?




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2 of my colleagues do and (they) hold them in high regard. They have both stopped being active Help for Heroes fundraisers to support this charity instead. Albeit a new and small charity (2009) they are growing for the right reasons.


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Hadnt seen this thread before i commented on the other homeless post!! :)

I follow these guys on facebook and they seem really good. All are volunteers and 100% donation goes to the charity, unlike others that are like a business charity!!

Great that CP World are going to support them :)


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A brilliant charity for such a worthy cause, I was looking for a charity to donate to this year as i organise a charity boxing event annualy, and i think i just found it.




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As a company we support Soldiers off the Streets whenever we get a chance. I strongly believe in what they stand for. After loosing a member of staff recently we paid for the funeral for his family, then ran a couple of charity events in his honour. He was an ex Marine and we never leave a man down. The additional funds that we collected are now sat in our bank waiting for Bill to get back to us so we can hand it over. We are also considering other methods of support and hope they keep up the good work.