Some Guidelines for potential new Marsec Operators

Re Qualifications for working in the MARSEC Industry

I have watched with a smile, peoples interpretation of whats required!

The Cynic in me feels that if you are ex RM even if having left over 25 years ago, complete a SSO Course then you will have issued Golden Bollocks and many doors will be opened for you :)

If however you are a mere mortal and do not have someone working for a company who can & will vouch for you? Then basically you are "F**ked"

I went down the basic advised route,

Stcw 95
CRB Check
Additionally Ex Forces & Ex Civil Police

All doors were closed in my face, because I wore a Red Beret (Ex RMP) and had not been issued with Golden Bollocks I was in fact "F**ked"

Then I remembered I had a friend, who had worn one of those Magical Beret's. Who out of the kindness of his heart opened a door for me and got me the opportunity to do my first transit! I now have my toe in the door with one company ! :) Hurrah

The cynic in me says, we can pay for all the courses have ex forces experience but without Karma working for us then we basically have to wait till a transit comes up where a company does not have enough staff and someone remembers at the bottom of the CV's Pile you are waiting!

true ive been trying to get a job for ages and im coursed up to the max and i have a magical green beret. It is now becoming an old boys club with people only getting jobs with magic handshakes etc
This forum has become a fountain of knowledge for me, and although some of what I read is disheartening and fairly sad hearing so many people cant get work etc.. Yet i am still about to go on the relevant courses and dip my toes into the world of MARSEC. Wish me luck guys, it's something I really want to do (I am ex forces) and i hope once I have all the quals I could get my first sniff @ work..