Someone with experience can help me choose course company?


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Im a young swedish guy that are realy interested in CP training.

Want the course that makes me most qualified when im done..

Have looked into these company's :

Ronin SA
Excellentia Security
Horizon Security


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I myself am a Ronin SA graduate and would highly recommend the course. There is a reason that the training provider holds the reputation which it does within the industry, having them on my CV has certainly helped me in the past to get jobs.

There was recently I believe a top 10 list compiled, so see if you can find it on the forum.



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All companies wish to train you, nobody tells you that Scandinavians have less chances in getting work since the majority of companies hiring out there ask for US or UK citizens.
From the 250+ Swedes related to cp I meet since 1994 only a handful have worked outside the Swedish Embassy work with Vesper (Swedish company) that requires Swedish citizens for obvious reasons. Most companies will tell you how easy it is, and how much work there is out there but the brutal truth is the industry is flooded with experienced operators with 5 and 10+ years experience.
If you haven't any military background you are pretty much ****ed up in UK or for British companies and that's only what SIA training gives you. There are no training courses in the world that is international certified or similar since each country have their on licenses and requirements. Now again if you don't have military background or HE experience already as soldier you can forget about HE work too. That leaves you pretty much with Europe, Asia etc.
You need to find out for yourself with exactly what do you wish to work with and where in the world, since a SIA course don't mean shit in Scandinavian countries. I don't run any courses for newbies or have any interest in you as person, so that's why I can be totally honest. There are a lot of people in this forum that I worked with, trained in the past who knows me and I would never lie to gain interest for a course or make false claims. Outside the Swedish Embassy contract their is very few Swedes that worked internationally as CPO´s in a a real protective role. The people I have meet I can count them on my 2 hands.
Read the hiring companies requirements for obtaining work and you will see what you are up against. And you have to constantly elbow your way true individuals often British that think they are the super race for close protection.
I suggest you do your intelligence and pick it from there, or maybe you should ask how many Swedes have taken courses with the companies you mentioned and gained work from it. Now that is something I wish to know.


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Paradigm and Titas training are also worth a look.
Both reputable course providers
If your of the right calibre and mindset you will find work.
Good luck