Speedy Weight Loss


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Sorry forgot to say that I was about 220lb in April and down to 190. So thats a loss of 30ish pounds, easily two stone.

Just to weigh in (no pun intended) with my experiences. I had a long time of inactivity, based around mainly being a nights only manager in an office job. I started Brazilian Jujitsu in April, didn't really change my diet which wasn't great but certainly wasn't "bad", and was at about 185-190 in December.

Seriously, just cut down on the beer, and train. Its really that simple.


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Anyone know the quickest and best way to lose weight fast? Been layed up for about 7 monts with knee surgery etc and have wacked on around a stone and a half. Still not able to do any weight bearing on my knee or swimming and bending it is a bit painfull. Any help will do guys and girls:eek:

1. Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)
2. Look at the recommended deficit (i.e if you need 2800cal to maintain the weight you're at, remove 400 cals and lose weight)
3. Look at your training. Do you want to lose weight, lose weight & build muscle?
4. Train smart H.I.I.T is proven to be good at weight lose
5. Avoid fad diets i.e Coffee cleanse, Juice plus ect ect

6. Look at what you're eating!! and the amount and the speed.