Spies Close To Identifying “Jihadi Johnâ€

British spies are close to being able to identify the ISIS executioner that was shown beheading American journalist James Foley earlier this month. Sir Peter Westmacott, who is the UK ambassador to the United States that they were close, not far off identifying the man who is believed to be a British home grown Jihadi. It is believed that the men, who were nicknamed “The Beatles†by hostages are among 500 British nationals that have travelled to Syria, while British rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary was named as a key witness in the case and had his £1.2m mansion ransacked by police who were looking for evidence that might lead to the identity of the terrorists.

Journalist James Wright Foley has been missing for nearly two years, apparently taken while covering the Syrian conflict, and a video released on the Internet showed the photojournalist knelt on the floor next to a hooded man. The man spoke in a British accent, which linguists have said sounded as though it was a London accent, blaming the US government for Foley’s death, before beheading him with a short blade. The group went on to say that another journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff would be next if US President Barrack Obama didn’t make the right decision.

At the time of the video release, experts said it may be possible to identify the man in the video, using a variety of technologies and a range of equipment. It is believed that much of the progress that has come, has been as a direct result of the use of voice recognition software and that his voice has been compared to hundreds or even thousands of potential suspects.

It is believed that “Jihadi Johnâ€, as the media have nicknamed him, is of British descent, and is one of hundreds of nationals that have travelled to Syria during the fighting. In order to find the group named The Beatles by those they have captured, the SAS has sent a considerable force out to assist in the hunt and capture of the men. However, efforts have also been ongoing back home in the UK.

Rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, who goes by the name Abu Kalashnikov and is the extremist son of Al Qaeda suspect Adel Abdul Barry, had his family home searched by police, looking for the rapper and any evidence that might help in the search. Abdel Barry has previously posted a picture on his social media account of him holding a severed human head with a caption that read “â€Chillin’ with my homie, or what’s left of him.â€

It is believed that the Islamic State has around 400 to 500 British nationals within its ranks and approximately 70 people with suspected Syrian rebel ties have been arrested in the UK. Politicians have warned that it is this number of British people in the ranks of the extremists that means the UK is under direct threat from the group. Prime inister David Cameron recently warned that the group could grow strong enough to threaten the UK in the coming months.