SSG CCTV training


Longterm Registered User

Stay away and don't even touch with a 6 feet pole.

Enrolled and paid in advance by card last 20/01/2018 for a course starting today (15 days in advance)
Got the auto-messages confirming the "buy" and the charge the same day, second later.
No more news.
Today, as the course was supposed to start; tried to call the offices to find out the venue and times...
Told twice they will call me back (lie) and offered a seat in the next available course.
Refund requested.

If this is the quality you can expect from a 25 years experienced company that bloated in the web:
...To say we are experts in security training is true, but SSG is not just about security. We believe in the whole experience and everything that makes that experience better, from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave. We're continually striving to improve the in house training experience ensuring our clients enjoy the courses and have something to remember. That's why we offer a wide range of Security training solutions; finally a brand you can trust.