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I am trying to get on an SSO Cse ASAP, but due to work commitments, I only have a couple of windows before the summer (when I will be too busy) where I am free to do it.

Does anyone know of a reasonably priced SSO Cse that is available between the dates of 22nd May - 26th May (inclusive) or 22nd June - 7th July (inclusive)?

Both Drum Cussac's and IMSA's SSO Cse's appear to start mid-month, so they are not an option.

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Phoenix CP Training

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Hi Leks,

I understand suitable dates may have already passed but thought I would let you know about our SSO training course which is run at our specialist training venue in Hereford. Our course is 3 days in duration and meets the requirements of the Standards of Training certification and Watch keeping for Seafarerea (STWC).

We are currently offering a discount on early 2010 course bookings!

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.