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Supplements/protein/fat loss why?


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May 28, 2011
After years of training and being a personal trainer, I'm always asked the same questions "what protein are you on? do you diet? Could you do me a training programme". Im 6ft 84kilo Athletic (ripped) GSOH seeking ??? you get the point.
I started training 8 years ago and was taking cyclone it worked but tasted rats! I went from 72k to 80K in 8 months.
But since then I realised just hardcore training and sticking to it is the key. I hated spending loads of money on supplements that could be spent on decent food. I don't count calories but consume a lot of protein portioned foods. I go through 42 eggs a week. 3 whole eggs 3 egg whites scrambled egg after a cerial. 8 chicken breasts, 8 fish portions, 5 tins of tuna. But when you buy all these items in bulk ie cash n carry, so much cheaper. I mix these protein portions with stirfries, chips, jacket potatoes, salads, rice, pasta, noodles. There is no end.
I dont see this as a diet because its so varied to what I fancie on the day, and I smash as much food as I can because im always hungry because of my work outs.
The work out!
My key is I do weights then straight after the session I do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for 16 mins, this involves anyhting from running, skipping, cycling, swimming to cross training. I tend to do 2 min warm up 60 sec sprint - 30 sec rest for 12 mins 2 min walk to the spray bottle to clean the machine.
I keep my muscles guesing by alternating muscle groups in work outs. I cover all muscles in 3 days, But mon, wed, fri would be a heavy day (low reps heavy weight ie 8-10). But tue, thu, sat would light (high reps low weight 12-20).

The point im trying to get across is im a firm believer that the body i was after was down to training and not supplements. The biggest battle is sticking to it. You have to enjoy working out and not do it just to change the way you look.
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