SYI Cert in Security Management Module 1/task2 Help required please.

Will Murray

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Hi people,

I am currently studying an online course from the SYI, Certificate in Security Management. I am seeking help with a particular essay I am writing.

One of the questions that has to be answered and included in the essay is below.

'Explain what Total Security management means and include a diagram or flowchart to illustrate the overall approach to security from supply chain to end user.'

I'm pretty sure I understand the meaning of TSM however, I am unable to understand the over all approach to security from supply chain to end user and especially unsure about how to put it in a flow chart or diagram.

If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


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What percentage of the credit will you give me for answering the question that will assist you in furthering your career to which you cannot answer yourself????

This is where industry qualifications go wrong and people who possess Qualifications that they have not rightfully earned take up valuable positions and driving the salary down from those who have honestly earned similar or more advanced qualifications as the market appears to be flooded with qualified persons when the reality is that they have acquired those qualifications inappropriately.


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Will, I'm doing the same course. Haven't necessarily got the answer you're looking for but happy to bounce ideas around.

Crazydaz, the process of obtaining a qualification is through learning and demonstrating knowledge. You can't do one without the other so ease up.


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Will, I think the way they have asked the question is slighly misleading and confusing. The diagram needs to represent the various security measures/points for any organisation that has a 'goods in/goods out' process. I'm doing the same course as you so look at the 'security in depth' diagram in the guidance notes for an idea of what it needs to look like.


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Hi, I only saw this post now
I am also enrolled for the course.
Best of luck to everyone else doing it


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I'm not sure of the exact context of the question, or if there is a specific company or industry in mind, but I would hazard a guess at the security implemented during the process of production or service delivery. If it's a production company,Start where the components are sourced, what security considerations need to be thought about? Do you need multiple suppliers, shippers, etc in case of problems from one particular company/country/area, warehouse fire, hurricane, etc. Think about accounting for components as they arrive, it may not be securities job to do this but they do need to know if things are going missing, when, where from, etc. Site security. IT security. People security, tie in with HR to establish and mitigate potential problems. Information security, who will want to steal information that can damage company reputation or finances. Business Continuity, what plans are in place for when things go wrong? Crisis Management, how will the company deal with major problems as they arise, BP Oil Spill, Airline crashes, etc. Logistics, are the vehicles or products being tracked so that early warning of theft can be recognised and response initiated, this is also useful for other departments so that they can ensure products are reaching customers at the right time, important for traders, eg shops. all of the information I would put in a flow chart, with arrows pointing along the process from start to finish. Quite a difficult question to answer in a short space, especially without further information. Probably a bit late to help you, but you never know.


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I did the course last year and successfully pass it. For the TSM question I purchased a book called Securing Global Transportation Networks. I got mine from amazon