Tectical Medic Course 5-15 June


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PPA International are holding a Tactical Medic Course between the 5 - 15 June.

Full course details:

1.The Respiration System

2.The Circulatory System

3.Musculoskeletal System

4.Abdominal Problems

5.Advanced Airway Management

6.Tactical Combat Casualty care

7.Care Under Fire

8.Tactical Field Care

9. Casevac Care

10. Triage in Tactical Combat Casualty Care

11. Casevac, Medevac and Aeromedical Evacuation

12. Injuries from Explosives

13. Medical Support of Urban Operations

14. Ethical Considerations for the Combat Medic

15. Two Days Live Fire Training

16. Two Days Immediate Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

You can contact PPA International on the following:
Tel: +45 47 77 17 36
Email: info@ppa-int.com


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PPA-International has made a extra 10 Days Tactical Medic course that runs
from the 06 June to 15 June 2008. We have two slots that we offer for a
special price of EUR 1100.- Normal price for this course is EUR 2000.- The
price includes accommodation and live fire training.

The course is a highly specialized tactical medic course. It will prepare
you for any challenge in a combat first aid situation. PPA-International
has the state of the art training equipment that will make the training as
close to real life emergency experience as possible. It will enable you to
practice Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal Airway, Pneumothorax, Surgical
Cricothyrotomy, Endotracheal Intubation etc. These are lifesaving
techniques which have to be intensively practiced to enable you to perform
them in hostile situations. Many training companies will provide only
theoretical coverage of these techniques since they do not have sufficient
professional training equipment for practical training. PPA-International
has the fully specialized equipment which is mandatory in order for you to
get a proper training and experience in this area. Students will also get
a chance to obtain a live practice in performing Intravenous Infusion

Students who pass the Specialized Combat Lifesaver course will obtain an
internationally recognized Advanced First Aid certificate from the Danish
First Aid Counsel and students will also obtain a internationally
recognized ITLS certificate and a Tactical Medic course certificate.

Evaluation / Grading
Our course is a pass or fail course. It is designed to meet the
requirements of our partners in the security business by assuring them
that our students receive the highest level of training, necessary for
successful employment in the security field.

There is a maximum of 8 students on this Course

The following topics are covered in the Tactical Medic training course:

• The Respiration System and Trauma
• The Circulatory System and Trauma
• The Musculoskeletal System Trauma
• Abdominal problems and Trauma
• Advanced Airway Management
• Tactical Combat Casualty Care
• Care Under Fire
• Tactical Field Care (Moving casualties in Tactical Settings, Hemorrhage
Control etc).
• Casevac Care
• Triage in Tactical Combat Casualty Care
• Casevac, Medevac and Aeromedical Evacuation
• Injuries from Explosives (Burns, Spinal Trauma etc).
• Medical support of Urban Operations
• Ethical Considerations for the Combat Medic
• Two Days of Live Fire Training
• Two Days of Immediate Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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