The Arming of British Police.

Armed police are a last form of deterrence at high security locations within the United Kingdom. Specialist weapons trained officers, regularly guard and patrol diplomatic sites and are also regularly deployed to enhance airport security. These highly trained and expensive officers are frequently visible, and often perform the role a static security guard, although armed.

A recent Home Office decision to increase the number of these weapons trained police, will be a continuing deterrent to those within our society, who seek to cause severe danger. These officers will be deployed throughout the United Kingdom, to minimise the potential terrorism threat to society.

Some of these officers, will be deployed within the Armed Response Vehicle units, some as Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers, others may be used within the Specialist Rifle or Tactical Support units. Some of these specially trained police, will work with the British Transport Police.

In a response to the continuing terrorist threat, both police officers and British Transport Police have increased the training and deployment of specialist officers who are authorised to carry offensive weapons. Some of these officers, who carry small arms, are turning up in some extraordinary places, where the potential for a terror incident is quite unlikely. These types of appearances are often making the locals uneasy.

In areas where these officers also carry out general patrol duties, they often arrive at general policing incidents, with their small arms still attached. Whether threatening or not, these incidents have created an uneasy feeling with some of the population. British police have long been admired because they are able to carry out their duties without relying on weapons.

With the increase of armed police, within society, and the cuts to other general policing budgets, it is likely that more police officers carrying guns, both pistols and carbines, may be called on for general duties. If these officers belong to the Armed Response Vehicle units, they are able to safely store their weapons when not in use. Other police units may not have a safe storage facility available, so they are force to keep the weapons on them whilst assisting on other calls.