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The Associates- (S West) Security Seminar & Networking EXMOUTH 31/10/2014 13:00 Hrs


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Mar 19, 2009
Dear All,

Many of you will know The Associates indirectly by dealing with myself on the Insurance side, Anna and her team at Whittakers for Tax & Accountancy, Tom on the Mortgage / IFA side and GMRS within the Maritime Recruitment world. We sincerely hope we are all tried and tested professionals, who have gained members trust and respect.

The Associates is a 100% genuine offer of our time 100% free to YOU. All CPW Members whether seasoned circuit operators or those considering a leap into the security sector as new career we should be on your radar.

We have been offering presentations at various training providers across the UK for some time, but have now decided to get on the road ourselves and provide a more "local" venue for those to call in and have a chat, listen to a number of guest speakers and network. The latter we all understand is a integral part of the industry so we actively open the doors to encourage CPW Members to call in, spread the message in the area to colleagues past and present across the South West.

The Event is a fantastic opportunity for YOU to learn something new, all of the Associate Members will be attending in addition to relevant guest speakers who offer their own experiences within the industry.

Associate Members collectively cover a lot of core areas and in one room in one afternoon YOU can get some fantastic information on securing work, squaring away the Tax, insurance for overseas or UK and how to get yourself in the best financial position or a mortgage to move home in the future.

Please spread the message, it is important to us that the advice is accessible to all and our planned future events across the UK have to be well attended otherwise there will be little point in our collective commitment.

13:00 - 17:30

Networking Drinks 19:00

The Manor Hotel.
The Beacon.

We look forward to seeing existing contacts and new faces.

The Associates

The Associates - Free Advice to Ex Forces - The Associates

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