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The idiot that started this forum clearly has a jealousy rob up his backside for ex mil.

This is your statement,
Now TMAC points out you must have meant thread and not "forum" it kind of make sense, as the guys who stated this forum are ex mil




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Ahh yes

Yes TMAC and PREMIER , I was referring to one post in the forum not the whole forum .

Sorry guys I should have elaborated more on that.


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And the fact of the matter is, most clients that want protection also require ex mili

Well I don't know if it's just me oh I'm having trouble seeing previous posts, but the only thing I can see is the first comment that I can see is A disrespectful comment towards ex military guys.

I tried to be responsive in a respectful way but clearly you are taking this into a different perspective, guessing you're not Ex-mil?

The only thing I was trying to make a point of in this forum was that us Ex military guys just want a little bit of respect for the job that we do/did.

Because we lay/laid our lives on the line (those of us who have served in active combat) in situations that none of you (who are not Ex-mil) could even imagine, unless you really are in the military. And for those of you that are not in the military or have not served in the military I would never wish you to serve at even one day in Afghanistan because it's hell. But if you did I would love to see what your thoughts are then.

And the fact of the matter is, most clients that want protection also require ex military background due to the training and knowledge

AGAIN I'm not saying that all ex military are better than civvies in CP...... (as I know great civvies) BUT ex-mil and civvies come from very different backgrounds and the background of Ex-mil is just more suited to Hostile as we know, but also the discipline and knowledge that is learnt in the military is a massive part of non-hostile CP

Because what people don't seem to understand is that whilst serving in the military and number of us take part in several close protection in hostile or home country.

And forbthe record I'm not talking about People that have served one, two, three or four years in the military, I'm talking about guys that have served half of the Life's The military and that have actually served in active tours of duty.


Is this a joke? Sorry mate but I am guessing that you don't actually work in CP, I say that based on the grounds that you clearly don't know what you're talking about and you are making statements based on your lack of knowledge or your own assumptions.
I have worked in Close Protection for 18 years, I select, recruit and sometimes train people for CP and I am fully engaged in providing protection myself with UHNW clients (do you know what they are?) on an almost continuous basis (i.e. its my full time job, not a filler between other part time work)
I have never been in the military although I have been in many life threatening situations, I have self discipline and am self motivated (i.e. I have never had an officer or an NCO directing my actions), but strangely I am rarely short of work and I am considered to be an 'expert' in my chosen profession.

When I select/recruit people for CP work I don't care if they have never worn a uniform, never marched or never carried a bergen, rifle or worked in the MT pool changing tyres and washing vehicles.......
No, I select on the basis of their ability, not to pull up a sandbag and swing a lantern for a few dits and a couple pints, or their ability to 'smash a bird', or how pissed they were able to get last night, but their ability to communicate at all levels, think outside the box, the ability to tactfully persuade people to make things happen, their determination to get the job done and to record what they have done and who they have met so that we can refer to their work in the future.
If you think that the ability to fight your way out of a tight spot is the most important skill required for CP think again! The skill is to have anticipated the 'tight spot' and never get yourself into it.
I work with a lot of ex military guys often because, unlike 'civvis' they get ELCAS credits for their CP course and because people like you believe that you have to be ex mil to work in the CP world, ergo it is a self fulfilling prophesy.
Don't take it personally but for example I would never employ someone like you because your Posts give me the impression that you are sloppy, you don't check your work for typo and spelling errors, therefore you are not thorough and have little or no pride in what you do.
And before you jump on the 'no respect for the military' band wagon, just be mindful that I am the son of a career soldier, dragged through army camps from Aden to Germany who's father saw more wars than have occurred since you were born. I also have 3 members of my immediate family who are currently serving (and all have done so for over 20 years).


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Maybe you should read my post again ,

As I HAVE SAID BEFORE, I have not once said the civvies are no good at CP , I HAVE CLEARLY STATED THAT I WORK WITH SOME EXCEPTIONAL CP CIVVIES, don't know where you are getting this shit from and I'm getting sick of this.

I was standing up for the background of Ex-mil guys purely due to the post of one individual. AS STATED PREVIOUSLY

You don't know shit about me .

And for the record OASIS i currently work on permanent CP contract with 100% trust from my client, I must be doing something right!

You are taking it all in a different perspective.

I don't like disrespectful post to ex-mil and I have every right to stand up for it. You wouldn't understand that I'm guessing ? Because you are not ex-mil , if you was you would also stand up for it.

Finally::: I have not been disrespectful to anyone on this forum except the individual who posted a disrespectful post that would offend many people.

Can you understand my point ?????

Or am I going to get more shit for it?
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If you end a post with, "am I going to get more shit for it?" People are likely to respond.
I wouldn't describe it as shit, just good advice.

I did read your post, did you read my post? I would understand it!
Apart from everything else, what you said that I believe is inaccurate was "And the fact of the matter is, most clients that want protection also require ex mili". I don't know what type of clients you work with but that has never been my experience.
I think its arrogant, misinformed and patronising to assume that military skills are a prerequisite for CP, even if you have 'worked with some civvies that were exceptional' Very kind of you to say.
I have never known a client specifically asking for ex military! They usually just want someone intelligent, considerate, honest and consistent, and above all discreet. I have never had a client make any specifications about the CPOs service background unless it was for HE.
As I said, I work with a lot of ex military, but I notice that even between them there is 'disrespect' for each other, i.e. wrong service, wrong regiment, 'crap hats', etc etc.
In my former career I also worked with a lot of ex mil, some were exceptional, some were mediocre and some were just useless lazy sods, just the same as I found among 'civvies'.

To use your expression, you "don't know shit about me" either, but be assured, without going in to all the melodrama about 'putting my life on the line' I don't expect any thanks or respect from anybody for doing the job I CHOSE to do, and as I said, as a 'pad brat' I have nothing but respect for the members of my family and people I have known who were good soldiers, but as in all walks of life, there are people who deserve respect and those that don't, irrespective of what uniforms they have worn. Respect should be earned as an individual and not given as an entitlement.
Do you think I owe you some respect because you are ex military? I don't know whether you were a cook in the RLC or SF.
I work with 2 ex SF guys and they deserve and get my respect because I know they didn't spend their time in the 'sandbox' peeling potatoes or washing vehicles.
Do you know anybody that you served with in the military that you didn't or don't respect? If you didn't respect them do you think that as a civvie I should respect them?
There have been some 'Walts' on here claiming all sorts of achievements and medals during their military careers, do they automatically deserve respect?
I'm glad that you are working 'full time', for however long that may have been, and sorry if I offended you with my assumptions, but I'm afraid that I have to stand by what I said before, if your cv landed on my desk I would take into account your achievements skills and awards and assess you as an individual before deciding whether you would be any good at the task you were applying for.

I noticed you took a little bit more care over your spelling and typos this time :)