The Royal Green Jackets


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Hi All,

This is for all ex members of the RGJ who are now working in the CP World.


Take Care
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Carl Dowd

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Zac...mate...I really was expecting something that ,as an old man was going to rekindle my emotions buried in the depth of my loins...and you give me a badge?


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Alright lads I've just joined I was 2 rgj/ 4 rifles although by the sounds of things I'm a little bit younger than you boys! Still trying to find my way. Good to see some ex jackets on here tho.


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Good to know there are some chosen men out there!
Andy (Ginge) Wade ex 3rgj (That dates me then!!)
Am workin out in Iraq at the moment as are a few of the old swift and bold. Will mention this sacred place to them!
Will post any news of recruitment drives from companies out here on this forum first.
Be lucky


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Andy - I can recall two "Ginges" in 3RGJ "Ginge" (Headguard) Ewing & "Ginge" Manion - who was wounded in W.Belfast - either name ring a bell - that was 82-86

Guy - what Coy were you in? Was in Celle and NI with 3RGJ - R Coy

Stay lucky


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i was too young to go to belfast on that tour!! i was in R coy in germany and the mortars and Bcoy got out in 92 arrived in germany in 85. Had sean mcniff, nutty nuttal, angel brown and all those lunatics. I was on the r coy boxing team in 85. Good to see some of the ex mafia on here, black and green!


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oceanid i was 11 platoon r coy dan mullhearn platoon sgt. lt cohen platoon commander.boxed for battalion with vince halpin as coach.played rugby for the black mafia (3rgj)with captain stanger as manager(coach) cheers guy


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Can't send PM

Guy - I can't send a pm .. anyways

You must have been in W.Belfast when Gnr Utteridge was killed & Ginge Manion wounded - I was 9Plt down at New Barnsley at the time before we moved up to look after 10 & 11 plt and B coy in the fort!! ;) I got on really well with Len (Cook) - he took that shootin badly.

Desperate Dan a fellow scouser -he really was the part - and he'd have had that name sorted if it hadn't been for Geordie Hales in the MT. If you were on the boxing team then you must remember my room-mate Ricky Manners and his mate Tony Velanor - true black mafia :D I must have watched every Marvin Hagler/Sugar Ray Leonard/Tommy Hearns fight a hundered times!! Vince was the provo sgt wasn't he?

Keep you head down and stay lucky


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I was on the r coy boxing team in 85. Good to see some of the ex mafia on here, black and green!

Andy - looks like you and Guy must have been on the same team - see my other post. You must have been in I Coy at the same time as Cpt Carter - last heard of as (a very young) Maj General - the boy done good. Mind you so did the CO - Col. Wallace - he ended up as Lt. General. I was surprised that Manners-Smith didn't reach the dizzie heights - he always struck me of that accademic - chief of staff - type.

Watch out for the flies ... stay lucky


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hi oceanid.i didn't go to belfast left before embarkation.i was still in the loop and felt for the guys you mentioned.funny how things work out dan was my training screw at penninsula bks and my plt sgt as i left.he seemed to have the army sorted give the guys some respect get the job done kick arse when needed have a beer.i remember tony we were both east london boys and had some things in commen that is geographically not boxing abillity.i think he had junior aba experience and it showed heard he turned pro.vince certainly was the provo sgt as i found to my detriment.thought i might get a easy ride yeah room mates were chris newton and rocky i remember rocky tripped out one night and tried to off a taxi driver. assume your in the pit .if you can't be good be sensational cheers guy


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Zac, you lardarse. Where are you at the moment?
Have you been in touch with the rest of the " Sorry Dozen " ( Elvis, Jock.. )
You did not miss too much. Romanians & Bosnians doing the job now. Salary is a joke.
Back home since April 3.

Take care,

( what was the batty unit of yours, pink coats or what? )


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Hello Boys. Ex light div member and proud. I was in 1Li, 2Li then finished with 2RGJ. I rebadged which some people may feel a bad thing to do. However I did not do this until I had been with 2RGJ long enough to be part of the family.
currently work in surveillance. Just done a 20 hour ob and a little battered in the head. But will be fully functional by 0400 in the morning. Working on Good friday has its pro's.


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Hi Guys,
Starlight here. Nice to see that RGJ lives on.
I'm ex 2RGJ RMA, ex met firearms team medic and now a state registered paramedic with HE and remote experience.
As always, looking for work, so if anybody has any leads, I'd appreciate a 'heads up'.
Thanks very much. Keep safe wherever you all are.:cool:


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guys im ex 1&2 RGJ just woundering if any of you have been involved in the maritime security i have just done my ship/port facility securrity officers course and looking to try and get out there on ship any advice , help etc etc would be nice cheers fellows

Swift and Bold


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Hey Homer, I'm in the same boat (can you see what I did there, can ya, can ya).
I'll keep an eye out for you. Maybe you could drop me a line if you find something.

Once a rifleman always a rifleman.

Keep breathing bro

Starlight Out