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Fair play to a good friend of mine, Doc Geddes (he must be almost 50 the old git) anyway, well done to you and the flight! Proud to of been a gunner! Spent some great years in it.

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Most Outstanding Airman:

This category was won by Sergeant Roy Geddes, 51 Squadron RAF Regiment, RAF Lossiemouth, for his role in the defence of Camp Bastion on 14 September this year. As the Quick Reaction Force Commander he led his team in a battle against Taliban fighters in a direct attack on the Camp's defences. Despite being wounded he fought on until the base was once again safe, in a fire fight that claimed the lives of 2 United States Marine Corps personnel and injured several of his colleagues.

“It was a real honour to even be nominated for a Millie, I was stunned when I found out that I had been put forward for an award of this stature. It was wonderful to win, all the troops involved in supporting ISAF mission in Afghanistan are heroes, so it's nice to be recognised for the effort and hard work you do.â€

Group Captain Scott Miller is the Deputy Force Protection Commander at the RAF Regiment home base of RAF Honington.

“Sgt Geddes’ award not only recognises his personal gallantry under intense fire, but also reflects the courage and fortitude of the RAF Regiment in Afghanistan and the many other operational theatres it has been engaged in since it was formed. Its role is to fight on the ground to defend the Royal Air Force and allies in order that air power, which is critical to success, can be employed free from enemy interference. The risks are high and the role demands determination, resilience and very high levels of surveillance and infantry-type skills. Sgt Geddes and his men are a fine example of those fighting qualities.â€

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Well done that man , and all those who served with him.
A fine example of what gets forgotten...that the Regiment is out there keeping them at bay so that air power is maintained and critical support is undisturbed.....Told you so.
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