training courses that lead directly to employment ?


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Hello all,
I was in the security industry many years ago, have been working in the tourism industry in these recent years, which has been nice & offered many international work experiences, but the income was always quite humble as you can imagine.

I'm looking to get back in the security industry, make a real living again, and am wondering : are there any training courses that will lead directly/more or less 'guaranteed' to employment ?

I did aviation security work in the past : searching interiors of aircraft, guarding at-risk planes while on gound, surveillance of aircraft maintenance staff & cleaning staff...
Kept me interested for a while, but again income was not impressive. Looking for something better paid (will accept higher-risk) work, worldwide really. Have experience working in SE Asia, Dubai, USA. Citizen of Belgium. Holder of government-issued (Belgian) security agent licence.

Anyone here knows about courses/training programmes that may lead to relatively well-paid employment in the security industry ?


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There are a number of training providers that will guarantee you a job after completing their course, but it's a marketing exercise to get you to pay for the course (as they have no clue who is coming on the course or how good you'll be at the job), the role will be an afternoon in the rain outside a fire escape and you'll never hear from them again.

Some big companies like G4S have a 'specialist training arm' (Phoenix in this case) so delegates that excel have a great chance of being picked up for roles in the wider group, but that's about as good as you'll get.