Transition into Security Management


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Now that I am beyond the 5 year point since leaving the Army, and settled in to a Security Management position that I'm content with I've been doing some refection on the path I took, the pros and cons and some of the sights I continue to see with people making the transition from the wider security community in to the private security industry. We have people from all walks, FM, Military, Police, Prisons etc. But it still shocks me how many have the short-sightedness to keep coming out with the usual 'Ive done this for 22 years, I know more about security than any civi', or 'I was an acting Chief Inspector, I know what I can and can't do in security', or 'I've dealt with the most horrible people in society, I know how to secure any facility', or my personal favourite 'I don't need a bit of paper to tell me how to do my job'.
I'm interested to hear people's experiences, good or bad, on the transitions into the Private Security Industry and words of wisdom to those about to take the step in.
What worked for you, what did you do wrong and learn from, and what not to do.
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