UK Close Protection Services Ltd.


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Wow - love the gold badge and chain so I can wear it around my neck in the pub while chatting up the hot ladies, and it's a nice touch showing the Glock and target, think you'll be flooded by CVs from walts - I presume that's the idea behind it.
Nice website too, Hublot watches and flash cars, more pushing the professional, low profile 'lifestyle'
Good luck with your venture


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Nice toys Giovanni - I only get to carry a water pistol in the UK, maybe if I join them my nice badge will give me permission to carry a proper gun? - I like the Walther P99 but Ballistic Tupperware is good too, especially the G19


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My only ever Glock is a 21 but after attending my last UK training (link below)
I am thinking about the 19 also, or a makarov, much cheaper anmo as it is shorter and easy as fuck to find in UK.
Just for the record, in order to employ a CPO in Spain you have to contact a company authorized to deliver such services in Spain, then the company presents a proposal to the National Police to be approved (or not) and with all the paperwork done on time you get to be protected by the CPO who is not allowed to identify himself with fancy looking barges, just the plastic card in his pocket.
The other option is to have already a CPO contracted in another EU country traveling with you and getting him to be vetoed in the country so it is not so easy as "Can I have an armed patek (I prefer the subtle bling of a real gentleman´s watch) wielding lambo driver to accompany me please?".
I have smile on my face when reading this hehehe, I wish to talk to you in person and see who you are :) I add some extra video for you, let me know what do you think and if you like it ;)


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Love the new video, and it fits perfectly with the earlier website content.

It has nicely reinforced my opinion of your operation.