UK spec-op forces operating against IS


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The British, who until now did not announce their engagement in battles against Islamic State in Iraq, have a SAS special unit operating on the ground using ATV, the British Daily Mail reported. A source in the unit explained that the new method is designed to surprise terrorist organizations: “they don’t know what happened and only see their friends’ dead.â€

UAV’s identify the targets in areas where there are supply routes and smuggling. The SAS use helicopters and dispatch ATV’s to their target, in order to surprisingly harm them. The ATV’s use experienced fighters hidden in the area and equipped with machine guns. According to estimates, around 200 IS terrorists were killed in recent weeks using this method in about eight days.

“The new method imposes a terrible fear for the Islamic State organization,†according to a report based on British security forces. Until now, it was known that the elite unit SAS was involved in operations in Iraq that were non-combatant, but according to reports, the force was activated on a small scale.

The UAV’s located from the air suspicious movements on secret bases and the information is verified by intelligence equipment found by soldiers on the ground. Only after receiving final approval regarding their targets, the fighters ride the ATV’s that are fit for difficult conditions on the ground. In order to increase the effectiveness of the attacks, most of the operations are carried out in the dark while taking advantage of the British technology.

The report added that a wide scope of activities was expected and the British were even required to order a new supply of ammunition. “Our actions impose a threat, because they don’t know from where we will come and they cannot do a thing in order to stop us,†a source in the British elite unit stated.

“We harm their morale. They can run and hide if they see planes, but they cannot hear or see us,†the source added. “The use of snipers only increases the fear, because they don’t know what is going on. They only see their friends dying in the sands.†While the move has only harmed hundreds of the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Islamic State terrorists, the British hope that harming their morale will increase the power of the operations.

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Don´t know if I trust more the Daily mail photo or the Israel news...

nice tribute to the original sas actions against Rommel, isn´t it? crazy scotch soldiers riding vehicles at night to terrorize enemies...