Ukrainian private security & defence company Omega Consulting Group.

Omega Consulting Group LLC is an experienced Ukrainian mission support provider with a reputation for delivering responsive and agile solutions in support of national security interests in high-threat environments. We provide end-to-end risk management and comprehensive security solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure globally. Our team of strategic problem solvers has a steadfast moral compass and unwavering dedication to creating a safer world. Omega Consulting Group is committed to the success of our customers and partners.

As the trusted provider of mission-critical solutions to Ukrainian Government and commercial clients, our dedicated professionals are engaged in the delivery of safeguards and security; training; defence consultancy; explosive ordnance storage and disposal; intelligence services and so on.

We work side-by-side with our customers including, Ukrainian Department of Defence, the Intelligence Community, other government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, providing and helping create safe and secure environments in which they can perform their best work.