Violence Continues in Iraq


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At least 25 people have been killed today as a car bomb exploded in a busy market in Sadiya northeastern Iraq, at least a further 30 people were injured during the attack.

Insurgents are targetting mainly Shi'ite Muslim civilians in public places as Iraqs latest wave of violence steadily increases.

Every month in 2013 hundreds of Iraqis have been killed as the frequency and severity of bomb attacks has increased. It has been nearly two years since coalition troops withdrew from Iraq and it seems security forces are struggling to combat violence across the country.

The civil war in neighboring Syria is believed to be benefitting insurgent groups, some being linked to al-Qaeda.



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From watching LiveLeak for years now one can tell that these groups, at least the ones in Iraq, are becomming incrisingly more organized. Couple of years ago they ambushed civilian vehicles on the hillside roads with Kalahs' and Makarov's, shouting "God is Great" with their faces wrapped in a piece of cloth.

Now they wear police and military uniforms, drive police trucks, have fake arrest warrants, wielding M16 variants with silencers and do it all in silence and speed, evading the regulars.

It's a scary development to say the least.