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warning ! scammer/dog abuser is on the hunt for a job in the UK


New Member
Jul 23, 2016
hey there,

i would like you to inform you guys about Leo Clifton, currently browsing the web on his fake profile 'Leander Royvon'.

you might remember him from this thread: http://www.closeprotectionworld.com...-training-industry.html?highlight=leo+clifton

this is how his 'k9 cambodia' business turned out:
Dog Trainer Accused of Cruelty, Fraud, Abuse | Khmer Times | News Portal Cambodia |

it came to my attention that he is currently on the hunt for a handler/trainer job in the UK. i would advise anyone to keep this guy away from dogs (and people for that matter). i worked for him for a few months and left in disgust after witnessing what was going on there. The lead trainer, with 7 years experience training/dogs dogs with the israeli army and 20 years handling dogs for south african police also left for the same reasons. As did his predessor, a former U.S. army trainer.

short summary of Leo cliftons actions in Cambodia:
-practicing veterinarian medicine without license
-fraudulently using the license & stamp of another vet
-abusing illegal narcotics and vet meds in his business
-well known drug dealer and scammer in Cambodia
-defrauding customers and clients (including military and business officials) for thousands of dollars.
-multiple dogs being mistreated, abused and having died under his care.
-serious harassment of former staff and unhappy customers

i myself am currently working as a dog-handler in the port of antwerp and my only interest in all of this is to warn people. i, and many other tried to pursue action against him in cambodia. but due to corruption and the lack of serious animal protection or labour laws made it impossible to get justice.

regards !
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