'We smuggled Michael Jackson out in a room-service trolley'

The Guardian have the following news story.

'We smuggled Michael Jackson out in a room-service trolley' – celebrity bodyguards tell their stories

Even before Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, the security industry was booming. What are the trade secrets of the men who offer 'close protection' ...


Have you any similar stories to share?

A couple of months before this hit the news, we'd shown early body-worn covert video kit to the picture editor of one of the red-top tabloids, who promptly cringed at the price and told us to piss off.

We subsequently got a phone call when MJ was admitted to the clinic, requesting our presence and kit on stand-by, while the tabloid tried to find a member of staff to go in wearing it.

Unfortunately, no takers.

We did earn a comfortable screw plus exes for being on standby though.

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