What are the 5 Principle Management Skills Of A Security Manager.?


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Good Morning,

I'm looking to pick some brains.

I have been asked to conduct a short presentation on security management, the topic / title being:-

What are the 5 principle management skills of a security manager and place and discuss in order of importance?

I'd be interested in knowing what it says on the Diploma In Security Management course (which I hope to start early next year).

Any help would be appreciated.

1. Do not ask somebody to do something that you cannot or will not do yourself.
2. If you cannot cope with Number 1 - do not pretend that you can and will.
3. Assume everybody will exploit vulnerabilities if you let them.
4. Have the humility ot accept that your knowledge base will never be full.
5. If you cannot cope with Number 4 - do not pretend that it is.

That is from the Diploma of practical experience.

I have listed 5 points for you below:-

1. Understanding Security

2. Management

3. Threats to Security

4. Risk Management

5. The Legal System (country specific)

Depending on what industry you are making your presentation to will have a huge impact on how each topic is percieved.

You may want to also consider the points Callmedave has posted for you as well.


Your question is to refined... but here are a couple!

1. Leadership.
2. Analysis.
3. Problem solving.
4. Decision making.
5. Authority.

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My humble opinion:

1. Knowledge of the Industry
2. Leadership
3. Adaptability
4. Decision making
5. Organisation skills / time management
I have only 5 years management experience but have run 50+ members of staff, I would say personally good communication is by far, the most important attribute to have in leadership.

When doing my Masters in Psychology and Counselling, it continuously stuck out as the most important skill set to have and covers a lot of other bases.
There are some good answers above, although, I'm surprised to see communication listed only once.
As a security manager, you will be required to communicate with different groups of people from directors in the board room, to security officers on the ground. Good communication skills are essential in order to be able to pitch your method of communication at the right level, to ensure that it is understood by your targeted audience. Without the ability to do this, all other skills have the potential to become irrelevant.
All good points, however the below are also very common traits unfortunately.......

1. Deny responsibilty when things go wrong.

2. Delgate everything.

3. Accept credit for a job well done by the person you delgated everything to. If that person then complains then bad mouth/Bully them until they become bitter and twisted and leave.

4. Blame everyone else when things go wrong.

5. Not allowing a lack of leadership skills stop you in any way from being a complete tool and assuming you know best, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Hands up if any of this sounds familiar.......

Im confused if youve not done a security management course or have not been one how are you qualified to make a presentation about it.
And reading the date of posts, emails, reports to see if you can bin them from today's thought process. Never enough hours in the day