What Are You Reading?


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Not long ago Annie started a thread tittled "What Are You Listening To" or something on those lines.[url]http://www.closeprotectionworld.co.uk/serious-debates-no-funnies/12293-what-you-listening.html[/URL]

I found the replies on the thread very interesting and some very surprising as well. Some conservative that I would not have thought to be and others following Lombrosso.

I would be interested in hearing what people hear are Reading. Currently I am reading an old one from 2005 by Malcolm Gladwell titled Blink.

Thank you for your time.

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Reading the collected works of John Betjeman, easy to pick up and jump into, just a bit of nostalgia really, I remember a few of his radio and tv programmes from way back when. 'A Subalterns Love Song' and 'Clemency, Generals Daughter' are my 2 favourites so far. Picked it up in a sale book shop. i am trying to find a disc or a download for the iPod with Betjeman reading his own works.
Not long finished 'Forty Years of Murder' by Keith Simpson.
A biography of a pathologist between 1930 and upto the Lord Lucan case.
Forever Odd by Dean Koonz.

Not as good as his other stuff, Tac, you would like False Memory :)

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some Anne Rice book that i hadn't read before, part of her vampire chronicles. The name eludes me at present.

A book on gardening, and a book on interesting walks and places to visit in Yorkshire for somewhere to take the kids at half term next week
Odd Thomas, Forever Odd and Brother Odd. I haven't gotten to the newest one just yet nor can I remember the name of it right now. Have you read the other Odd books or are you going in order? In order is the best way I think. I have the Odd books on audio and they are even better that way. The Odd books get better and better after each new novel that comes out.
Sorry, should have been 'Odd Hours' :/
Did read Odd Thomas ,the same time I as read 'False Memory' but didn't finish it as the missus 'borrowed' it to her sister :(.
Im looking forward to finishing this one as its a bit of a drag.
Really enjoyed 'Odd Thomas', will be on the look-out for the other two now I have a heads up. ;)

Cheers Ivan!

Just inherited a bookcase off horror type novels from a deceased relative, not really my thing to be honest. Never been a big fan off king or koontz, prefer terry pratchett, and other lighter reads, only get away with anne rice because i have read her books for years....... may attempt some koontz now i have a library of them

Odd Hours; thats right I will have to order that today, thanks for reminding me of the name. Starting at the first one and moving in to Brother Odd he has made some great progression but last I have read to date Elvis did leave him but he still had Boo however he is still hung up on Stormy.

If he has not moved on past Stormy by Odd Hours then I am certain another one will follow suit. Other than his strange abilities the story of Odd Thomas is based on his steady progression through out his troubled life with his mother all the way down to his lost love Stormy. So if he has not gotten a new girl by Odd Hours then another has to follow.
Well I'm reading NO ANGEL at the minute by Jay Dobyns who was an ATF special agent that infiltrated the inner circle of the Hells Angels. So far it is a gripping story line. I struggle to put it down !
oh the o/h reads a veritable library full of books every week whilst away at work, so he is happily going through them at an alarming rate. I sadly don't find much time to read as much as i used to, apart from on holiday by the pool. Usually at home it's the times or a law study book, or the crap that some of you lot type in here that fills my day..... as interesting as a novel somedays though