What Are You Reading?

As no other fun but read and films this time I am with the outcome of "Born fearless" that really liked, no flattering about submarine knife fighting technics learn in the blades or or or...
Happy to see written by an ex that 99% of survival is pure and simple luck. so Thanks for the book.

To keep the real thing I also read "Commando" by Chis Terrill.
Again a gold nugget found in the dust bin, much better than any Paulo Coelho shit about self help. The postscript by a 55 year old journalist and with a serious background as anthropologist was worth billions for me and anyone around my age.

Finally Got back to Chris Ryan with "extreme most wanted" a piece of shit that I am afraid will no longer keep me interested in his writing, will stay with the tv series and end of the history.
Long time without updates, too busy with the sub21 football??

"The negotiator" by Ben Lopez (not real name), "my life at the heart of the hostage trade"

More or less a short compilation of short (happy ending) stories about life and how to destroy a marriage while profiting from hostage trading from as far as you can, about 300 pages worth 3 days but not even the tree cut to print it, sorry.

Still looking for anti terrorism books if anyone have knowledge of a serious one ;) or I will have to go to Chomsky.
Long time not reporting so...

"A Million Bullets" by James Fergusson
The real story of the british army in Afghanistan

(should say up to Herrick 4)
Have really enjoyed this one, from a journalist but apart from the last part not being the hero embedded in a platoon with 26673 cameras and his bold head in the line of fire and being macho and dangerously, much more a report on the FACTS and real ice conditions of the guys on the sand, after the sand and the raw future for the british army to come (and not mean more funding, but a real problem to fill the ranks).
"Dead men risen
-The Welsh guards and the real story of Britain´s war in Afghanistan"

Toby Harden
About 500 pages of personal data and histories about the will to go that extra mille and the lack of respect for courage and sacrifice. Not recommended for everyone but a text that should be in much MoD cabinets with reading marks and notes, not just dusting.
A Journalist doing more a documentary/history lesson/diary of what the Welsh Guards had to endure in the name of the politics during their time in Afghanistan around 2009 more or less.
Glad to see a JOURNALIST documenting and sincerely, with a helping hand to try to heal all the souls and bodies that were there, not trying to walt in a fiction book but giving dates names and feelings to the casualties.

As I have told you this is what makes me more sick than anything about you, you are proud of your soldiers (and hate your politicians) as no one else can and for my background just can ENVY you all, thats why I got my poppy and another for my girlfriend, Chapeau for you all and this kind of lessons.
New job but still reading, as the last couple have been quite hard decided to go for a little humor.

"FOBBIT" by David Abrams
369 of somewhat laced stories out of real events but with plausible deniability.
tells the heroic stances of what you call "Rear Echelon..." living inside a FOB throughout the war on terror with some twists so familiar that if you served will recall memories yes or yes.
Fast to read, funny and for all tips of public, kind of pulp Jarhead.
"50 dead men walking" it's about the third or fourth time I've read it but it's a very good representation of life during the troubles over here. The movie/film is not good but the book is.
Today over lunch I read Old Man and the Sea; still enjoy it, read it at least 50 times.

Anyone out there get any new reads in.
Since we are too serious and am still in the middle of the next one, the actual one last I completely read:
"Room in the broom"
By Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler
It says +3 years, took me minutes! Ralphy is special! fiuuuuu...
Delivering as promised,
"Danger Close"
by Colonerl Stuart Tootal (by the time he was leading the 3 para in A stan)
287 pages of accurate descriptions of the first contact with reality.
Like to notice that about 30 (by the end) are dedicated to the AFTER events with a nice depiction of the treatment soldiers and families were getting and how charities had to stand up for the lack of preparation funds and emotional intelligence form the MoD.

It is nice having read the last actions of 3 para to read how it started to contrast the hopes and fears and the harsh reality later reported.
I thought Rich H's book was extremely useful, especially if you have a wobbly dining table!

I am currently reading Lifetide by Lyall Watson


Wikipedia of Lyall Watson