What the hell’s a tactical pen?

Like the name. My first one was a Parker. Went up market and invested in a stainless steel propelling pencil. That one was in 1973. I never did use it apart from taking notes :)
Ah yes, the "tactical" pen fad....

My view is thus, I carry a pen that's a hefty piece of brass, great weight to it and very nice to write with. it has only one feature that might be considered "tactical" which is a retractable glass breaker.

A pen should be first and foremost a comfortable and reliable writing tool (most tactical pens are awful in this respect)
It should be made of a sturdy material so it can be used as a windlass for a tourniquet (an often overlooked use).
It should not scream "Tactical", think business appropriate ie if you pull it out at a meeting it will not be noticed as anything other than a pen.

The article above predominantly see its use as a compliance tool, this is counter productive to getting your client to safety if you are grappling with someone in an attempt to use said pen on a pressure point.

The other aspect is law, as it could be considered a weapon if used as such, thus landing you in hot water depending on local laws.
It's not just pens it seems! Put two unassociated words together and get a result, I give you the internet!

Not if carried as a pen, but if used as a weapon ie pressure point manipulation it is covered as an offensive weapon under Prevention Of Crime Act 1953
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Apologies for not reading the whole post above, Im a lazy fekker. I'll still butt in though lol, with good intentions. I was informed by a police officer collegue that a kubaton is in actual fact illegal, I was on night shift with him and he showed me with a torch the pressure points.

A pen, pencil or torch...

All I can say is ouch!
Indeed Colonel,

A Kubotan or other pressure manipulation device that is specifically made for the purpose of pain compliance is banned under Section 1 of Prevention Of Crime Act 1953 (Possession of an article made or adapted for use for causing injury to the person).

But a good point reference the pressure points (and joint manipulations also) when using a cylindrical object ie pen or torch. They are very effective as a "tool in the box" in certain situations but UK Law is a bit of a minefield in regards to how it is viewed with regards to your intent when deploying such techniques.
I carry a Zebra F701 - completely stainless steel, has a little knurling near the pointy end for grip, and less than 20 on Amazon. When I was working hospital security I used it to redirect many a drunk or otherwise altered person to rethink their immediate life choices. And it was easily decontaminated with a bleach or other kind of antiseptic wipe.


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