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Which path to take and how?


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May 5, 2010
Hello there close protection world.

After completing my Uniformed Public Services National diploma in feb i went into working as a Site Warden on a local holiday park.

My eventual goal is Police, im hopefully being taken in on the next intake of Specials but have had my application pushed way back due to two admin errors so im not holding my breath. Im also taking part in an initive down here called "community speedwatch" and hope to do some CCTV volenteering as well. I hope this ontop of Special work will stand me in good stead for becoming a regular.

Im now just 21 and am broadining my preferences in terms of career as i was pretty much focused on Police only and due to cuts i have to be realistic in terms of getting a job in the future. Another area i have been looking at is Customs and Excise but am unsure of how to proceed in terms of getting my foot in the door. Does anyone have any suggestions of other careers which are related to Security/Police/C&E which i could persue?

Im very willing to put in volentary hours and basically do what ever it takes, if that means moving so be it, to try and forge a career and get on my way.

Any advice is very welcome , thankyou in advance


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Feb 16, 2010

If you're really interested in going down the route of being a Special Con to become a reg PC. Be aware if/when you join, you are barred from doing any security work as its a conflict of interest.

As for joining HM Customs and Excise, that hasn't existed for a while now!.
HM Revenue and Customs like other public sector bodies is facing cuts. Plus alot of there work in terms of drugs and smuggling was passed onto UKBA and SOCA.

all the best



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Apr 23, 2009
I'll echo what Billy has said, though there are slight ways around it in this neck of the woods (Brighton). Sussex Police have been looking at retailers to release a staff member to work as a special for 4 hours a week. The staff member would then be involved with Policing around that area. The theory being the employer is paying the staff member for that 4 hours, and in return they gain a new skill set.

Now, if you worked for a security company and were contracted out to a retailer, they were not interested. But if you were employed internally by the retailer (even in a security role) they would take you. I was approached and asked if I'd be interested, but was unable to commit to the 4hrs as I had to travel around at short notice.

I'm sure this will vary with each force, but it might be worth exploring. Best of luck buddy.
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