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Whittaker & Co Launch New Customer Portal


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Jan 6, 2012
Whittaker & Co are currently rolling out to our clients a new customer portal. This unique tool will allow clients to have access to their account details.

The portal will also provide clients who are Non-resident access to their days log sheet. The Non-resident clients will be able to log their travel dates in and out of the UK, plus their country of destination. This will ensure the client is fully aware of their days allowance and hopefully prevent them from paying tax for spending too much time in the UK.

For our maritime clients they will also have access to their account details plus the ability to log their transit information. The Maritime client will see the HMRC log sheet and will be able to see if they are qualifying or failing their SED days.

Full information will also be displayed so that you can see if we are holding the correct contact information for you and also information on submission dates to HMRC on your tax returns (if required).

Whittaker and Co have also created a Customer Service Team following on from previous clients comments and have begun a customer satisfaction survey which is being sent to all clients, we take on-board all of our clients comments and strive to continually improve our service to our clients.

Claire Haddon remains overseas providing ongoing service to our Whittaker and Co clients and currently transits between Galle, Sri Lanka and Dubai. For a meeting whilst overseas please contact Claire via email Claire@whittakerandco.com.
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