Who would you work for again?


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OK here goes, some of you have said a ratings idea of companies that hire would be a good idea.

Obviously for legal reasons you cannot slate a company on a public forum but we can do the reverse and that is tell people who you thought were good employers and give your reasons if you like. Companies that appear here must be doing something right so it would be good to know who they are.


  • No slating of companies
  • No sneaky advertising, only genuine contractors opinions
  • No personal details, emails, phone numbers
  • Only post a company name that you would work for again
  • State type of work undertaken
  • Give geographical location if possible
  • Give hourly rate if possible (pay band acceptable)
  • Please post any other noteworthy aspects of the company you worked for.
There you go now have fun, my last good deed :)


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i am sure that this thread is going to heat up quickly if not today tomorrow. i would only add one point if you don't mind. which is what was the experience level of the entry level operative on the team? ex mil, ex police, civi etc

Best wishes



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Just CP companies? Just CP work? (ie. some companies I've worked for at events also do CP work but I have no idea whether they're any good at CP work or not) Perhaps we could have a sticky in each industry sector.
Also it might be good to change the question to "Which companies would you like to work for again?" as in the present climate there's plenty of companies I'll work for but would rather not!


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Please read the instructions,

state type of work undertaken.

That means any work, no need for multiple posts in each section, simple listing of a company or companies you would work for again, if they were that bad you would never work for them again hence not appear on the list.

Lets not make it complicated for it's own good. Background of any team members is irrelevant to how a company treats it's employers. You all seem at ease with the idea of how to slate a company for misgivings, this is just the opposite of that and also legal friendly.

Praise the companies that did you well and you would work for again, doesn't need to anything more complicated than that :)

*note all this waffle will be deleted once people get the hang of this concept!


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Tapmaster i am with you on this one..... i think this is a really really bad idea. I am just making my feelings on the idea known right from the start


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Fair enough if it goes wrong then delete the thread but if it does, it will just go to prove that a number in the industry are incapable of being possitive and would rather be negative.

All people have to do is list the good guys, there must be some out there surely! Anyway it will be my last post on the topic, the rest is down to you lot now.


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I would have to say that the Best employer I have worked for was AGS from 1997-2000. Cleared just under 400K USD a year after all the bonuses and taxes.

Reason for leaving was better pay; not sure if they are still undertaking ERS contracts or not. Hind sight proves it was the best firm I have worked for before getting into work for myself even at their pay rates.


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Can't really see an issue here, Nomad has clearly stated WHO would you work for again, so there should be no slating involved, as it's all down to personal preference, and individual choice, it shouldn't be slagging match,but some guys will have genuine grievances with Good companys and vice versa...

I'd work for Kroll/Gardaworld again,only reason I left was the contracts dried up, the Head shed were all good blokes, and done their best to juggle a hot potato when it came in, but the pay was always on time, and the blokes on the ground were stand up types, rarely ego's got in the way..

John Twells

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Companies that don't come up to a person expectations and who have serious moans about the likes of standards, pay etc will no doubt be talked about as it is a small world out there !

I'm sure if there are serious issues one could report them to the SIA if indeed they do hold a Non Front Line Licence for the particular licensable activity or have been able to blag onto the Aprpoved Contractors Scheme (ACS)

In fairness how many of us have walked away from Micky Mouse jobs and put it down to experience ?

Professional CP Operatives will of course expect a certain amount of information from the engaging party. Not so professional types will just turn up in a ill fitting suit, look the part and take the lower rate of pay leaving the company rubbing it's hands ......


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little woman.

I was just looking at this thread of yours and you mentioned ship security. I'm very intrested in this sector, do you have any advice, money earnt and what it involves

I think you will find that is a name of a company and not actual maritime security which is what i believe you are referring too. If you take a look at all the forums available you will find one that is for maritime secdurity and you should have many of your questions answered there


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Well there seem to be very few contributions to this thread, there seems to be only 3 possibilities for this:
1 All security companies are terrible to work for.
2 Security workers just like moaning and can't be bothered to say anything when someone does something good.
3 People who know who the good companies are want to keep it to themselves.

Come on people, there's good companies out there and we will all benefit from people knowing which ones they are. The companies that treat their workers well are also usually more professional the the service they provide to clients. So highlighting the good ones will help the industry to improve.


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should this thread really be called?

Companies you would work for again, So I can send my cv to them too!!!


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From the lack of activity on this thread I would have two conclusions; first being is that there are a sh*t load of users on here that hate the companies they have worked for and my second would be that there are far too many operators out there that are insecure about their qualifications and are worried about another user trying to bump in on there job.

I would find it hard to think that so many just do not want to waste their time with giving credit were credit is due since there are so many posts on here with just two or three words.

It is very simple people; WHO WOULD YOU WORK FOR AGAIN?


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Have 12 years experience in the Scots Guards, 17 years in the UK police and have since worked for Armorgroup in Iraq and KBR UK in Afghanistan and would happily work for both companies again

What's the problem???


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Out of all the Security Companies I worked for in the Iraq, probably the most respect I could give to is Cochise Consultancy,its owner decided not renew contracts for personal reasons, and Cochise have little current work as of present.Alot of people tend to jump to different companies once in Iraq but most Security Operators with Cochise stayed with the company.Back in 06" we were getting hit on the roads almost every single week, from IEDs,EFPs, motar,complex attacks and we lost some excellent people, but still the guys stayed together,the company payed well, had a excellent management, the teams were professional & multi National,we had good gear,vehicles,accomodation etc,we traveled throughout the whole of Iraq ,and you definately earned your wage.Sinse 07 I have heard little of Cochise but would work for them again any time.


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Group 4 - Not good working condicions - Bad wages
Accenture Oil and Gas CPO - Very good working condicions - Fantastic wages
Crosswind & Associates CPO - Not good - Never again .... Not good wages and they don't have pay all the wages
VIP Protection - Good working condicions Good wages
Marriott International Hotel's Loss Prevention Supervisor - Very good working condicions
Starwwod - Sheraton - Loss Prevention - Very good working condicions - Bad wages
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I think that this is a good idea and will give people starting in this profession a bit of steerage to some of the better companies.


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  • Clearwater Special Projects
  • Exclusive Security
  • Abitus Search & Security
All run by guys that clearly know the game inside & out! ;)