Who would you work for again?


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Whilst we all undertake contracts from reputable companies who at the outset have offered us a position , (whether it be on our own merit following the arduous interviews where the interviewer asks for your background and experience even though the updated CV is in front of them or handed on a plate following a good word) it surely becomes a personal matter.

We have all experienced a plethora of companies and as such what is good or bad for one is not necessarily the case for others. We all know who we wont work for again and vice versa. To try and collate the so called good guys would be opening a whole can of worms. Suffice to say we live and die by the sword. Bad decisions have to be lived with.


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I have just completed a I month tasking in St Tropez working for Sh4dow-MGS. (1st-28th Aug 2010) It was an RST Position with the odd Driving here and there.

I had been looking over the website and noticed that the company employs ex SF so was extremely privilaged to be given this opportunity, and to work for a company that employs the very best.

I was a bit nervous and apprehensive at first because Marcus, the guy I worked with and who selected me came across very professional and new exactly what he wanted. I did not want to let him down!!

The shifts were 10 hours on 10 hours off at first then we decided to go 12 hours on 12 hours off. The Client was a Russian Oligarch with a small circle of friends and Familiy and some great cars, Maserati Gran Caribra, A white Bently soft top...to name a few.

I would just like to say that I enjoyed the experience and gained a great deal of knowledge from working with Marcus. Sh4dow-MGS was a highly professional company and a privelige to work for.

I look forward to hearing from Marcus again.


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MRC worked for them 2 yrs 12months in ross 12 months barry
Unitrust ascott
show and event festivals
all good companys some small problems nothing to bad to mention all good payers


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sorry me again Servico forgot them done some work with them and good rate and quick payment
TCS weekley wages nice.


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Could it be that, in these days of decline in contracts and a scramble for work, we don't want others taking work away?
'Cards close to the chest', comes to mind.


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I can't believe how little this thread is used. I am wondering if there are so few good companies or people seem to find it difficult to be possitive about some thing. Certainly a British trait after all if it is blue skies and sunshine and you say to someone here how nice it is the response would most likely be "It'll probably rain later!" :)

So my contribution to this list in no particular order but all good companies I have dealt with and good payers:

Blue Diamond
Pioneer Executive Security

Thank you to all the above for some great tasks and for being professional.


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Blue Diamond! Without a doubt. Fantastic run company. KT is a great and honest man. Which is hard to say in this industry.


Carl Dowd

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ME, I provide great kit, good wages, great benefits, marvellous holidays and Fun!!!!

It's a joke guys but I'll take the flack...!