Will McManus- Walter Mitty extrordinaire?

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It seem's the CEO of REDfour MSS has been telling quite a few porkies over the last 10years while also making himself out to be some sort of guru when it comes to all things piratey while also not having the decency to pay his teams while he went out and bought a Maserati (true dit).
REDfour: Making pirates think twice - Splash 247

The truth of the matter is he was never 63 SF(R), never a commissioned rank in HMG and never (really) in HMG at all.
From The Gazette, where if you type in a name, you can check anyone's commission..


Then we come to his private security history.
He was a bum on a seat in Basrah and spent a bit of time in the Legion but the rest is complete fabrication- How do I know? I checked.
Radaris Great Britain: Looking for Will Mcmanus? Trying to track down someone online? View public records here.
Location: London, United Kingdom
Industry: Security and Investigations
Current: Director at REDfour Security Group
Past: FSA Somalia at IMC Geophysics Manager at Olive Group Senior Consultant at CRG security manager at ArmorGroup Moving Target at Hart Security batard at French Foreign Legion bastard at Officer in the British Army see less... 4 more...
Education: University of Wales, Swansea
More info at:Radaris Great Britain: Looking for Will Mcmanus? Trying to track down someone online? View public records here.

A friend from 264 who runs a uber-private facebook page for ex-SF scalies sent me this photo of our walt wearing a SF tie and a chest full of campaign medals..... Checking his ex-sigs database it turns out this is all ebay-bought bling.
No sign of him on the ORBAT for Granby, Bos, Kos, Barras, Afghan or anywhere else... It's a very, very small world in SF sigs and nobody has even heard of him except as a bluffer.

I know lots of you would have had exposure to Mr McManus and I should imagine that none of you thought this day would ever come?
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This has been coming for a while.
I love the smell of karma first thing in the morning!
how long till Will comes on here threatening legal action?
3 days and counting.
Looks like Will's a no-show and everything written was 100% gen.