Win - Any Magazine Subscription valued upto £35


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Thanks Magazine Subscription


WIN - £35 Magazine Subscription

For details about this competition to WIN a Magazine Subscription worth upto £35 sponsored by goto [url][/URL]
we are looking forward for this prize....
Standing by....


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Spartiatis greet's everyone

Dear all and greetings to everyone.
My name is Stylianos ,
CP trained and badged , first aid , firearms and military background. Seeking work / networking. Will work in low risk to high risk conditions also hostile environment.
Regards to all [/FONT]
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Does this thread have an invisible header that only new members can actually see???? If you wish to introduce yourself and say hello, please do, we like it when you do, but a TOP idea would be to do it in the 'introductions' area............NOT on a thread for a prize................. because it is making some people look like prizes.... prize eejits! READ people


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God damm this site why cant i get off this topic

What do you mean? Try clicking the blue 'Unread posts' near the top right of the screen, that should display any posts you haven't read (funnily enough).

Or have you tried clicking the blue text just below the top left of the screen 'Close Protection forum'. That should bring you into the list of all the forums on the site. You can find the one that interests you and read old post or create new ones.