Work or volunteering withing protection, tips?


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Hello all

I am looking for job or volunteering, for as soon as possible.
I have previously looked into anti poaching operations in South Africa but it's hard to find any where they accept foreign nationals, they are usually looking for volunteers. But that made me wonder if anyone know of other places that are looking for people in more or less the same field, ship protection, anti poaching, proctection or likewise.

I am quite open for anything in the field, but I also know that my qualifications propably won't get me that far.

I have had 4 years in the Danish armed forced, as a seargent in the standing army, with all the qualifications that follow. Furthermore I have studied 4 years for business engineering.

I would prefer that I could start as soon as possible, and very willing to travel for it also.
If it's short term is also ok.

I am in the oceanic right now

Anyone have any tips that might help me in my search?

Thank you


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You could try being vegan and flying drones over Gatwick... Just a thought.

I hate vegans lol
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