You can't make this SH1T up!


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A few years ago, when my daughter worked with me, I noticed her collecting odd pieces of paper and taking pictures of them. Then I noticed she photocopied others that came with some of the damaged or not working things that can in to fixed, modified or updated.
"What are you doing?" I asked. "When I leave here to go to Australia, I will be writing about my experiences working with you. It'll be called "You can't make this shit up!" She showed me the hand written note that had come back with a very expensive camcorder we had built. It cost close to $8K. The note said "This shits broke" I said "Good entry, let's see what's 'broke' about it." I could still now take one of these units apart in less than five minutes while talking on the phone. Tiny screws are all the same size and length, and I had a box of them from Canon. Every screw was over tight. While I was doing that my daughter said that there was another note which she read to me. "Tab, yesterday, we did an op, and everything went as planned. Came back. CLEANED THE CAMERA (my caps) and put it away in its case in the store room, this this morning it wouldn't even turn on. We need it back ASAP" it was unsigned. Oh yes, I forgot; There were yellow and green streaks all over it.
Eventually I got it apart, and little bits fell out. Nothing inside was fixed to anything else. 2 Hours later I had it back together. Crossed my fingers, and pushed the battery into it. It whirred and clicked a few times and then the cassette door popped open with a cassette in it. "AHA!" Over to the test bench, popped in the tape, rewound it and pressed PLAY.
Scene opens with an Agent and a Techie discussing an arrest from the night before. Then moving down a hallway, and into the Sheriff's office; "Get that shit outa Muh Face!" Next scene, is running across a parking lot to a Georgia National Guard black helicopter. Next, over a corn field at 300 feet. "Over there!" Pan right, lean out shows man running to truck. Scene changes to first underside of helicopter, then corn field, then sky. Fade very quickly to black.

Today I have a new entry, and one, that in my mind, beats the one above by a mile or two. The US in now awarding "Combat Medals" to the "Drone Drivers" in Texas. That was yesterday; Today it was announced that these medals are higher up the scale than actual Combat Medals awarded to guys on the ground in Afghanistan.