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Zodiac Radio Offer

G6 Global Communications

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Dec 12, 2010
I know this will be beyond the price range of many operators, but we have a quantity of Zodiac UHF digital covert radios which I am offering at a very good price.

They are based on the Motorola DP3401 radio and, as such, have all of the same features. The package includes:

- MT4501 digital radio
- 2 x battery
- 1 x dual slot charger
- Mains adapter
- Trailing wire covert antenna
- Pelicase style box
- DC charge adapter (for use in vehicle)

These radios can only be used with an audio accessory, there is no on-board speaker and microphone; we can supply these at additional cost.

We will also programme the radios to your desired channel/frequency plan. This is a high-tier product, in use with many SF and Special Police units in the USA and across Europe.

For more information please follow the link to our website below, or call me directly on 07768 501775.


View attachment 6138

Package Price is £1,200.00 per kit ex VAT
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