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Total Care Security are recruiting for various contracts across the UK. Contact us via email on recruitment@totalcaresecurity.com or by phone 0800 917 4767
Wow...Somebody reminded me about this place. I haven't been here for a minute! I hope everyone is well! :)
Sorry to all!
For being absent so long due to the fact that the SIA have incompetent people working for them,which is very Mickey mouse company!!!
I now have to do my course of £2k all over again as I was late on paying their wages for the 5 year tax they want. Because experience from ex - military is not need even though I have been working in the field of Entertainment & Prominent Family's 25 yrs
And they are so quick in wiping your files from their "Acme" data base!
Too all ex - Mil. go it alone, drop off their "acme radar" pretty easy!!!
Hi my name is Lionel Yarwood I have many years experience in personal injury surveillance. I currently live in NW Donegal. If you supply an email address I’ll forward you my CV.

My email is yarwood20@gmail.com



Just been reading on the fourm... seen ypur based in scotland.. were abouts are you? Im wanting to do my nasdu course... can you do the course and the certificate? Or if your local i would love to do some bite work :)


Facebook..... bugzy thomaz

Hello, How did you find the course at Leicester?

Would you be able to recommend a book that covers security risk management?

Available close personal protection and civilian background ,i have a decade comprehensive experience in the security industry as prison officer also many years on doors etc,I’m self-motivated, and confident and reliable hardworking individual who enjoys working a part of the team as well as independently using my own initiative. I have excellent customer service and communication skills with the ability to build strong working relationships. I have a good organizational and communication skills with the ability to work under pressure ensuring that all tasks set is completed to its high standard. Able to uphold good order on site whilst working within a companies procedural guideline and also ensuring a high quality of service is consistently maintained.
-solid knowledge of laws and surveillance equipments.
-excellent written and verbal and presentation skills.
-Also I speak three languages.
Hi, has anyone contacted you regarding the information you require? I may be able to help with what you need.

I emailed you last month regarding your post requesting surveillance operators.

Just wondered if you have had a chance to review my email.

Kind regards

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