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Covert Munkey
Covert Munkey completed his military career in Jan 2009 after serving 12 years in the British Army throughout the world including Kosovo, Croatia, Kenya, Iraq and Sudan.

Covert Munkey joined the British Army in 1997 and commenced a successful career in the Royal Military Police general Policing role. Following various operational tours and Home Office Police courses Covert Munkey then specialised in covert operations, surveillance and test purchasing both nationally and internationally.

Upon completing the Royal Military Police Close Protection course Covert Munkey continued to deploy through out the world as a Military Policeman and a Personal Protection Officer finally returning to the RMP Close Protection Unit at Longmoor prior to leaving the Army.

CM has a full range of security qualifications including the RMP Close Protection Course, National Level 1 Surveillance course and Home Office Test Purchase Officers course. John is also a fellow of the Leadership and Management (FinstLM).

Covert Munkey is currently working within the UK and international Close Protection circuit and is a fully qualified freelance instructor. Covert Munkey also operates within the surveillance and covert infiltration sections of the security industry.

CM has a daily hands on approach to the Close Protection World forum and together with Mally own the Close Protection world Group.

Mally completed his military career in 2004 after serving 7 years in the British Army deploying operationally to Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Mally initially joined the British Army in 1997 and commenced a successful career in the Royal Military Police. During his service Mally completed the Royal Military Police Close Protection course.

Once leaving HMF, Mally continued a policing career and also web design.

With over 30 years of pre-hospital and primary care experience, Starlight has been a medic in an infantry battalion, a police firearms officer and team medic and is a UK registered paramedic, offshore medic and flight medic. He is CP badged with hazardous environment training and experience.

Over the years, he has worked here there and very nearly everywhere, and since returning from abroad, has been working internationally for a commercial air ambulance company, moving urgent, critical and intensive care patients around the world.

I have been in the security sector 5 years after leaving a career as a successful recording/sound engineer.

I started on the event security circuit and then took up a full time position as a junior patrolman on a HUGE remote site where the boss taught me the most important skills required in security (No.1 – getting the brews in).

After quickly rising through the ranks of the firm, I covered various roles including door supervision, ERT, control room operator, operations manager and eventually ending my time with the company as a mobile supervisor.

From there, I continued working as a door supervisor for a few years, mainly remote and/or high risk venues, and covered just about every aspect within the scope of this role (first aider, agony uncle, punch bag, negotiator……..)

Last year I decided to add another set of skills to my repertoire, and choose to undertake CP training at Task International.

Since then I have been looking for a permanent position whilst working on a wide range of short term operations including RST, asset protection, event security and location security.

Dodger served 22 years in the British Army including 9.5 years Infantry and 12.5 years Special Forces. Prior to this worked doors among other things. Other relevant training: completed SF six week bodyguard course (to instructor level), operational medic, police progressive driver, surveillance trained.

Has seen active service in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Northern Ireland. Member of Institute of Explosive Engineers, experienced explosive instructor, UN mine advisor, Member of Field Guides Association of South Africa (after four months training in South Africa including Kruger National Park). Has extensive knowledge of the worldwide poaching threat and particular interest in developing anti-poaching training. See for more anti-poaching information.

Has worked in the commercial sector since July 2007 including hostile environment training for civilians (aimed at contractors and journalists) carrying out CP tasks and PSD in hostile environments as team leader. Currently working on the CP Circuit mainly on training projects with foreign police and Special Forces worldwide.

I served with the Royal Artillery from 1989 until 1993 based in Germany, I did an Op tour of Northern Ireland and trained in Canada. I also did a six month stint with the RMP as a Auxiliary Military Policeman in Dortmund.
After leaving the Army I moved into the commercial sector of the Security industry, working in various positions from Security Officer, TL, Security base coordinator, Operations base coordinator, Armed security.

1999 after completing my CP course, I landed a contract within a German company as a CPO working for various high ranking CEO’s within Germany. My last permanent CP job was working for Germanys largest communications company. I then moved onto work for the US state department where I am to this date.

I have spent the last years specializing in the role of Security driving. I’ve trained with the Diplomatic Security Service in the USA,Bundeskriminalamt,German Military Police,Mercedes Benz,Private CPO companies in the use of Soft and hard vehicles.

I hold a qualification as Security Driver Instructor, and will be putting this do good use in the near future.

KTM completed his military service in 1997 after 13 years regular service. During my service career i served in NI, Canada, Germany, Gulf1 and Bosnia. Served as a reservist from 1998 till 2004 and served in Iraq on operation Telic. I have since leaving the forces i have worked for two supported housing project who provided housing to clients with drug and alcohol dependencies taking a lead project workers role. I also worked for six years as a residential social worker for social services working with looked after children whom displayed challenging behaviour such as ADHD. During this time i attended several C&R and conflict management training courses run by social services.

I have continued to work as a first aid trainer and close protection medical instructor running several courses that members of close protection world have attended.

Qualifications inc FAAW, RMA, CMT1, BATLS, MAC, FPOS, PHTLS, C&G 7303 as well as FAST1training certification.
I also have a medical supply company who have provided medical equipment to amongst others 3rd battalion parachute regiment (patrols platoon) 2006, BBC high risk team, Consulate security teams, Raleigh International as well as close protection personnel around the globe, CPW members included.

Visioneer has been supplying covert Surveillance hardware to Police TSU’s and various bits of HMG for far too many years. Part of a company (employee, 3yrs.) that builds & designs complete remote covert surveillance systems for use by the various security services, up to and including complete vehicle fits.

In previous ‘lives’, instrumental in designing / supplying specialist camera systems for extreme low light medical / biological microscopy, Intensified and Cooled CCD Cameras, XRay Crystalogrophy, High Speed cameras for analaysis of exhaust flow from jet engines, Single Photon Counting, Industrial / Robotics applications, oh yeah, and mainstream CCTV Systems. (also used to look after most of the IKEA stores, and a few major retail chains, CCTV integrated into traffic flow analaysis & people counting systems.)

Some background in Image Capture / Analysis / Enhancement, but not current. …and courtesy of current employer, Analogue Video & COFDM Microwave links, Remote Telemetry, etc.

On-board cameras for anything on wheels, wings, water or hooves. (Dhow racing is BORING !), and has fixed a camera on a camel. (The stuff in public profile is genuine 🙂

At this end of the industry has experience and worked with, or for K-Tech UK, HiddenTech, LMW, DefenceVisionSystems, Arkonia, NavTech, and god knows how many more in mainstream CCTV & Comms.

Visioneer is our resident technical expert with occassional forays into Film & TV Industries, (GoldenEye & Fourth Protocol), bodyworn covert ops for Cook Report, Panorama, Ch4, etc, etc…. He is More than happy to share advice, and if necessary, little black book of useful suppliers.

DB1 has been in the security industry for 23 years, mainly as a bouncer, then as a door supervisor, with a bit of static work and a few other variations thrown in for good luck throughout the years.

She’s recently retired from the door work and decided to take a break. When she does return she’s hoping to move to the surveillence and K9 side of the industry, however doing the doors will always be a strong part of her and remain in her heart and the security industry will always remain as a large part of her life

In the meantime she’s busy in a ‘normal’ job within the HVAC industry, working for a small family company which has works all over the uk and training with her dogs, mostly in agility. She is also very interested in and is learning about the psychology of dogs

Mountainman is an NHS Paramedic and medical instructor who provides medical instruction up to Paramedic level. His particular interests are Remote Medicine and Battlefield Trauma and regularly teaches the PHTLS and Military PHTLS syllabus.

On looking for a more challenging environment, he joined the Territorial Army in 2005 as a Combat Medical Technician and completed a tour on Op Herrick in 2010.

Outside of medicine he’s an active member of one of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in the UK. He teaches Swiftwater Rescue and Casualty Care and enjoys long mountain climbs in the sun to relax.

Customloads is a maritime trainer for the RYA, a relief security guard for his local airport and also a member of the ambulance service. His additional skills are in communications equipment and working with other electronics.

CL lives and works in the Channel Islands, before moving off the mainland he was based in the south of England working for one of the Channel Islands companies who operated a prestigious chain of hospitality businesses.  CL worked with all of their venues as a part of his job and experienced many of the challenges facing pubs, restaurants, inns and small hotels.

Over the years CL has enjoyed working with the Royal Naval Auxiliary Service (MVS now), various Police forces, the RNLI headquarters, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the deputy Queens Harbour Master of one of Britain’s most secure naval bases.

CL is a regular 9mm pistol shooter, firing thousands of rounds every year and travelling to ranges throughout the islands and europe.

Hutchinson has completed his military career in Oct 2006 after serving 6.5 years in the Royal Navy Submarine Service serving operationally throughout the world.

After leaving the military I trained with Ronin South Africa Close Protection & applied my skills in Plymouth & London in control of various teams of a variety of projects.

I am currently a Director of Clearkut Leisure Group ltd based in the Midlands focusing our business on Close Protection, Door Supervision, Event Security, Asset Protection, Event Management & Nightlife Industry.

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