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Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Complete Registration' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

Forum Rules

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

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1. Close Protection World Forum – General outline

1.1 The aim of the Close Protection World forum is to provide an on-line information database which will assist members of the International security industry. The forum is open to both new and experienced operators together wit people wishing to pursue a career within either the National or the International security industry.

1.2 Since the conception of the Close Protection World forum the management has strived to provide a professional vehicle from which members of the security Industry can chat, liaise, network, discuss and relax.

1.3 The Close Protection World is an unofficial social web site that and has no official links with the SIA or the British Government.

2. Posting rules – Legal implications.

2.1 All posts and threads within the Close Protection World forum once posted and submitted to our servers maybe subject to deletion, modification, removal or permanent storage. Once posted they belong to the forum and an application to delete said post can be made to the management. Any request for the deletion post(s) will be subject to an investigation and subject to approval from the management. Not all requests to have posts removed and accounts deleted will be approved. If you wish to delete your account then your posts will remain as part of the forum.

2.2 Posts, views expressed, points, quotes and any other information submitted to our forums by members of the forum does not reflect the view of the management of Close Protection World.

2.3 Any posts that have legal implications and or have personally insulted someone is to be reported to the Management immediately for deletion subject to para 2.1. Failure to do so may delay the removal of any such offending post.

2.4 If an individual or company feels that for legal reasons they require the removal of a post then they are to contact the management as soon as practicable stating their reasons why the post should be removed. This will be investigated subject to para 2.1.

3. Posting rules – What is acceptable and what is not?

3.1 The basic Close Protection World Acid test: Is what you’re saying for the good and benefit of the forum and is it actually helping anyone?

3.2 Red violation: The following posts are not acceptable and may result in an instant ban following a management investigation:

• Libellous comments

• Racist or race related innuendo comments

• Sexist comments

• Extremist views including radical Muslim teachings

• Personal attacks on another forum member

• Serious OPSEC breaches

• Supplying name and personal details of a third party

3.3 Amber warning: The following posts are also not acceptable and repeat offenders will be subject to the banning procedure set out in para 5.1

• Thread hi-jacking

• Bullying/threatening behaviour and/or the offer of violence

• Taking thread off topic

• Crap attempts at humour and therefore taking the thread of topic

• Non-contributory posting ie pointless ranting and posts

• Excessive swearing

• Abuse of other forum members

• Slagging/argument match carried over from previous discussions.

• Signature block violation – No company details unless authorised by management

• Multiple user names

• Multiple user names being used to bump threads and/or start arguments

4. Moderation

4.1 The Close Protection World forum is internally moderated by the management and volunteer forum members who base moderation decisions on the rules outlined throughout this document. Please respect the moderators and managements decisions. If you have a complaint about any of the decisions made by the moderators please forward them to

4.2 As a matter of courtesy although not essential any posts that have been removed by a member of the moderating team are to be clearly marked as ‘Removed’ and a short explanation left for the original poster.

5. Banning procedure

5.1 The management and moderation team within the Close Protection World forum will subject to an investigation temporary or permanently ban any user that contravenes any part of this document. This includes temporarily banning, IP blocking or the complete deletion of a user profile. The Close Protection World team do not take the banning and or deletion of a forum member lightly and all steps will be taken to avoid this option.

5.2 The various ban options open to the management and moderators are as follows:

• Temporary ban - 1 day

• Temporary ban - 3 days

• Temporary ban - 5 days

• Temporary ban - 7 days

• Temporary ban - 10 days

• Temporary ban - 2 weeks

• Temporary ban - 3 weeks

• Temporary ban - 1 month

• Temporary ban - 2 months

• Permanent ban - never lifted

• Account deletion and IP address blocked

5.3 Moderators can ban a forum member without permission from the management for up to 3 days. In the interim period that moderator is to take all reasonable steps available to contact the management in order to extend that period/explain the situation and to launch an investigation. An explanation is to be given to the user for the ban by the person banning them.

5.4 A forum member who commits a Red violation may be banned instantly without warning or prejudice and the ban never lifted(IP block imposed) This type of banning can only be carried out by a member of the management although in accordance to para 5.3 the initial banning can be conducted by a moderator.

5.5 If a forum member receives more than 5 groans in one post then an investigation is to be launched by the Close Protection World forum team as to the reason why this occurred.

5.6 If any forum member wishes to inform the Close Protection World team as to why they feel another forum member should be banned then they are to contact a member when practicable clearly stating their reasons and evidence.

6. Spam

6.1 Any person(s) or organisation that attempt to spam the forum or any member via PM will be removed and their IP address blocked following an investigation by the management and in accordance with para 5.3.

6.2 Para 6.1 is to be ignored should the spammer be an automated spam bot spamming kit, clothing, phones etc. and in instant ban imposed.

7. Advertisers

7.1 Close Protection world does not endorse any of the products/companies or training providers advertised on the site. Any strong negative comments about any forum advertiser are to be forwarded to Advertisers must be aware that they have no editorial control over the forum and any negative comments must be handled personally as no protection can be afforded by the Close Protection World management.

7.2 Companies and or individuals are not authorised to advertise within the forum without the express permission from the management. Any authorised posts will be deleted and a PM sent to the original poster by the person instigating the deletion.

8. Definitions

‘Management’ – The term management refers to the owners of the Close Protection World forum of which there are two.

‘Moderator’ – The term moderator refers to forum members who have volunteered to help with the day to day policing and admin of the site.

‘Forum’ – Refers to the Close Protection World forum

‘OPSEC’ – Operational Security

‘Excessive swearing’ – The management will determine what constitutes excessive swearing

‘PM’ – Private message