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  • Hi bear.
    Read your blog again and sorry to hear close protection didnt work for you. I am doing excellentia course this year. Did you get work from them or was it all a waste of time. Any info would help because in a years time i dont want to have wasted time and money on something that wont work for me..I would love to hear the frank and honest truth from some one like you who has been there and done it.
    Hi bear. I have read you blog as I am considering excellentia for my cp course. Can I ask how you last 6 months have gone since you finished your course
    Hi Bear, Thank you!
    It was awesome, you are in for a huge treat in June.
    Not only are the Excellentia team amazing at teaching this stuff but they can open doors.
    My feet haven't touched the ground since I passed!
    Stay in touch,
    Hey BearDJ,

    Thanks for poping round, not much to see on my page as yet.

    Regards and Happy New Year to you

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