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  • I saw your post on cyber sec training and that prompted me to look at your course lists.

    Id be interested in more detail on the CISSO course; presumably this is an upgrade from CISSP? In particular, what are the prerequisites of entry and course cost?

    King regards,
    Hi i am interested in job opportunities within CP / remote team medic. Fully qualified CP (level 3) / FPOS I & MIRA. Available immediately - worldwide.
    Thanks Paul
    I would like to apply for your paramedic position in West Africa, I am a 15 year experienced paramedic from Canada with remote site experience. my email is gljrugg@shaw.ca
    I am interested by your position in West Africa.
    I have a military background in the French army as paramedic and fireman.
    My email if you want my CV : loanesloane@hotmail.fr
    I am very interested in your West Africa position. Can you please send me your contact info? docjordan_2003@msn.com
    Thank you
    Hello! I don't think any PM's are getting through, says your accounts full? I think I can fill this position. Very familiar with the area, have visas for that area and have worked there for the last 18 months. Can provide more info to you with further contact. I'm at mikethemedic57@hotmail.com
    I'm potentially interested in one of your Paramedic positions in West Africa. Ca you please send me your contact info. I have a decent amount of Austere and remote medical experience. My email address is howard8002@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance,
    Hi I would be interested in the West Africa job, but was unable to PM my CV. Currently an Offshore medic with a military background and have worked in several remote areas. My email divermedic@btinternet.com
    Hi Im interested in applying for Africa position but cannot message you for some reason. johnnygrey1@gmail.com
    Please can you email me in regards to the position of Paramedics for West Africa. Gar_smith@hotmail.com I would be interested in a rotation position and would like to submit my CV for your review. Thank you.
    I too am interested. I am an American Paramedic, and combat medic with experience in remote areas. I can readily deploy, if you could shoot me an email I will get out a CV. paramedic68whiskey@gmail.com

    HI there, i am very interested in the West Africa Job that you are a contact for, i have a lot of experience in West Africa (Sierra Leonne) as a Medic, and am Ex Army 17 yrs (British Army) and Qualified as a Rig Medic, i cant find anywhere to send my CV to could you please get in touch on my Email. kwosm@hotmail.co.uk thanks for your time and help
    Hi Im interested in applying for Africa jobs, I cant message you for some reason. Can you contact me on andrewscottclark@hotmail.co.uk
    Good afternoon. I am a paramedic having served throughout Africa and would be very interested in this possition. I have a few questions. Could you please contact me at steller1525@gmail.com

    Thank you.
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